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= List of Xubuntu meetings = #title Xubuntu Team Meetings
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Check the fridge for the next meeting: = Next meeting =
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For past meetings, the /VoteOnDate page was used. Next meeting isn't scheduled yet.
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= Place =
The meeting will occur in #ubuntu-meeting, on the servers.
##The next Xubuntu community meeting is on [[ | Friday, the 15th of November at 23:00 UTC ]]
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= Agenda for next meeting = ##
## -------------
## -> we are here <-
## Artwork: ochosi
## Debian Liaison: Unit193
## Documentation: slickymaster
## Marketing: pleia2
## QA: akxwi-dave
## Technical: bluesabre
## Website: knome
## Minutes template:

== Agenda ==
## You can add new agenda items under "Discussion".

=== Open action items ===

=== Updates and Announcements ===
## Team members can do any important updates on development here - no specific mention on the agenda needed.
## Project and team leads can add official project announcements, which can also be added to the agenda.
## Others, please ask a team leader to add announcements for you, or add your item under "Discussion".
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= Meetings already held =
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Jan the 17th: === Discussion (please add your nick after topic) ===
## Please add new items at the end of the list
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 * in the TB meeting held right before ours it was agreed that Canonical people would help building xubuntu ISOs
 * documenting efforts have started in the ubuntu-doc team, one of the contact persons is John Levin
 * we will proceed with current artwork and ask feedback as soon as we have CDs and more users
 * i18n - decided to contact xfce-i18n team and get people from various locales involved in translating xubuntu docs and related apps
 * the subject of media player was brought up and the possibility of using quodlibet instead of xfmedia, this will need further discussion
 * the subject of separate forums for xubuntu users was deferred till we have more users. John Levin is in contact with the forum admins in case the need arises.

=== AOB ===

=== Schedule next meeting ===

= Last meeting summary =
## Use to create new minutes pages.


= Meetings archive =
## If you have chaired the meeting, minutes should be created under

 * [[Xubuntu/Meetings/Archive|Meeting archive]]

Next meeting

Next meeting isn't scheduled yet.


Open action items

Updates and Announcements

Discussion (please add your nick after topic)


Schedule next meeting

Last meeting summary

Meeting information

Meeting summary

Agenda at

Open action items

The discussion about "Open action items" started at 23:04.

Updates and announcements

The discussion about "Updates and announcements" started at 23:04.


The discussion about "Discussion" started at 23:19.


The discussion about "AOB" started at 00:06.

Schedule next meeting

The discussion about "Schedule next meeting" started at 00:07.

  • ACTION: ochosi to schedule next meeting

Vote results

Action items, by person

  • ochosi
    • ochosi to schedule next meeting

Done items

  • (none)

People present (lines said)

  • bluesabre (96)
  • ochosi (41)
  • Unit193 (16)
  • pleia2 (13)
  • meetingology (7)
  • smkellat (6)
  • aaronfranke (5)
  • ubottu (2)

Meetings archive


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