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= Xubuntu Process Descriptions =

This page describes processes for Xubuntu development. All the processes and schedules should be used as a guidelines: This page ''mostly'' exists for us to document '''what we do''', not to tell us '''what to do'''. Minor issues and obvious shortcomings can be fixed without consulting, for larger-scale changes consult the team.

 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/ReleaseCycle|Release cycle]]'''
 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/Development|Development-related]]''' information
  * Xubuntu packageset, package translations, ...
 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/Daily|Process descriptions]]''' for other, more or less daily processes
  * Meetings, mailing list moderation, ...
 * '''[[Xubuntu/Processes/Maintenance|Regular maintenance]]''' of assets
  * Updating the wiki and website

== Additional information ==

In addition to the Xubuntu processes described below, there are several generic Ubuntu processes that are useful for the team and described elsewhere:
 * [[FreezeExceptionProcess|Freeze exception process]] for getting to upload changes after a relevant freeze
 * [[SponsorshipProcess|Sponsorship process]] for getting new package uploads in the archive


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