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Clear message

To be carried out by: The Xubuntu Release Manager, with support from the Xubuntu Development Team and advice from the Ubuntu release team


  • Ensure that all ISOs are suitable for release.
  • This process should apply to alphas, betas, ReleaseCandidates, final releases, and milestones.

  • Ship it!

T minus 14 days

  1. Forward notifications of milestone freeze to mailing list.

  2. Insure freeze times are posted in #xubuntu-devel and mailing list.

  3. Freeze Day - notify developers of freeze and change topic in #xubuntu-devel.

T minus 7 days

  1. Request Xubuntu developers availability for milestone testing.
  2. Review testing pages to insure they are up to date.

  3. Remind project lead to begin preparing release notes.

T minus 5 days

  • Testing should smoketest the images to insure they install.

T minus 3 days

  1. Testing begins on the images available.
  2. Coordinate all testing with Ubuntu QA in #ubuntu-testing.
  3. Start the news article for the release; this is to be published on the website at the time of the release.

T minus 1 day

  1. Add release notes to the wiki.

Release Day

  1. Review the Technical Overview/Release Notes to insure everything is accurate.
  2. Monitor for release announcement and PASS IT ON when announced.
    • Publish news on the Xubuntu website.
    • For the final release, insure the website download page is updated for the new release.
  3. Review bugs to insure all bugs found during testing are listed at .

  4. Update the Team Report.

  5. Add milestone review to meeting agenda.

    • Reviewing as soon as possible helps to learn what we could have done better.
    • This is also a great time to congratulate the team for a job well done.

T plus 7 days

  • Review this page and update it as needed for the next milestone/release period.
  • Reviewing as soon as possible helps keep this as up to date as possible.