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|| Setup MDT for Xubuntu packages (Debian Vs. Ubuntu) || ? ||  || Setup MDT for Xubuntu packages (Debian<->Ubuntu)  || ?  ||

Objectives for Jaunty



Grow the Xubuntu Community

Starting to work on.

Refresh distro artwork


Update the documentation

Starting to work on.

Implement Xfce 4.6

Work in progress.

Thunar Improvements

Starting to work on.

User switcher applet to Xfce panel

Starting to work on.

Other objectives

Develop and implement Strategy Document

Pending final approval by CommunityCouncil

Reduce gdm login to desktop time

Poor progress, Began profiling login

Setup auto-ppa against debian-xfce SVN


Setup MDT for Xubuntu packages (Debian<->Ubuntu)


Setup auto-ppa against Xfce SVN


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