Xubuntu Community Meeting 2011-12-08

Xubuntu Community Meeting 2011-12-29

  • Packaging, Development (knome, 17:17:01)
    • mr_pouit has been uploading newer versions of xfce components in Debian (micahg, 17:19:33)
    • we should get them synced over next week (micahg, 17:19:56)
    • amd64 live ISO is oversized. if it's a problem, ping micahg (knome, 17:22:25)
    • Can be fixed by dropping a language for example (knome, 17:22:49)
    • PAE kernel is the default in precise now (micahg, 17:23:41)
    • to change to PAE on vbox read here: (GridCube, 17:26:30)

    • ACTION: ochosi to investigate some cherry-picking from xfce upstream to ubuntu (knome, 17:27:20)

  • Bug Triage, Testing (knome, 17:29:35)
    • not much testings lately, we should get into more tests soon, we are getting behind (GridCube, 17:30:39)

    • ACTION: charlie-tca to write a blog post about testing after holiday season (knome, 17:32:24)

    • ACTION: GridCube to gather a list of problems with QA tracker and get back to knome/QA tracker responsibles (knome, 17:36:30)

  • Marketing, Artwork (knome, 17:09:30)
    • Greybird's gtk3 is stable and practically ready for release (ochosi, 17:09:57)
    • Feedback and testing is much appreciated (ochosi, 17:10:11)
    • Porting of Bluebird is proceeding, but rather slowly (ochosi, 17:10:32)
    • For testing use the download-function of our github-repository ( and extract the tarball to ~/.themes then change the gtk-theme to "Greybird" (ochosi, 17:12:20)

    • Website is nearly ready, theme is going to get a few improvements and the content still needs more reviewing - ask pleia2 for more information (knome, 17:13:01)
    • ACTION: micahg or mr_pouit to confirm xfce package versions in precise as soon as possible (knome, 17:14:27)

    • ACTION: pleia2 to update the marketing wikipage with new sticker design (knome, 17:16:03)

    • ACTION: micahg to look at the thunderbird button issue (knome, 17:16:30)

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