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What is Ubuntu Kylin ?

The objective of the Ubuntu Kylin project is to create a variant of Ubuntu that is more suitable for Chinese users. We are committed to provide you with a delicate, thoughtful and fully customized Chinese user experience out-of-the-box. For instance, by providing a desktop user interface localized in Chinese and installing common software that Chinese users commonly use by default. Ubuntu Kylin has been a formal member of the Ubuntu family, since UbuntuKylin 13.04. Now, we are working on 15.04.

What's new in Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 Alpha 1

We are glad to announce the Release of Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 (codename Vivid Vervet) Alpha 1. In this pre-release, the Linux Kernel is updated to 3.16. This Alpha 1 fixed more than XX bugs.

Note That: This is an alpha pre-release, which is not suitable for normal users, but for Ubuntu Kylin developers and users who want to help us test by finding, reporting, and/or fixing bugs.

* ubuntukylin-themes

  • 1.2
    • changelog:
      • change the unity-greeter's logo for Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 (LP: #1395611) change the Plymouth text for Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 (LP: #1402468)

* ubuntukylin-default-settings

  • 1.3.3
    • changelog:
      • change the UbuntuLogo.png for Ubuntu Kylin 15.04.(LP: #1395590)

* ubuntu-kylin-software-center

  • 1.2.2

* youker-assistant

  • 1.3.2

* chinese-calendar

  • 1.0.1




The Alpha 1 ISO can be downloaded from here.

Known Issues

Only issues that are specific to Ubuntu Kylin are listed below. For issues related to Ubuntu itself, please refer to Launchpad.

  • when I turn off online search option, it still display search results in Dash. (bug #1370353)
  • the interface of partition existing the content need to be translated.(bug #1304410)
  • All keyboard types in "Keyboard layout" are not localized during installation.(bug #1330410)
  • the link of the release note is not UK intruduction in the welcome page.(bug #1330414)
  • the number of themes in 14.10 32bit is different from that in 14.10 64bit.(bug #1381409)
  • Ubuntu Kylin Theme miss when setting theme in system setting.(bug #1287032)
  • The prompt in Encryption page during boot up need be translated to Chinese.(bug #1365925)
  • In UEFI mode, default langauge in Ubiquity language chooser is not Simplified Chinese.(bug #1380981)
  • During the system installing, the "skip" button displays abnormal after expanded the detail installing information.(bug #1362076)
  • In the right corner menu, Ubuntu Kylin help was not translated.(bug #1368549)
  • There are 2 wallpapers named "我自己" exist in system.(bug #1383108)


Thanks to everyone involving in the development of Ubuntu Kylin, the success of Ubuntu Kylin 14.04 would the result of our joint efforts. If you want to be a contributor of Ubuntu Kylin,see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin/NewContributorGuide