Email: yannicklm1337 AT gmail DOT com

Hello, everyone ! Welcome on my hom page

About me

  • Distros : Ubuntu from Dapper, currently on Gutsy. Student in a French engineering school

Main interests

  • Sailing between France and England
  • Playing the piano with others
  • Installing Ubuntu on a friend's laptop Wink ;-)

  • Translation. I have started with the Gutsy beta release and the WLU.
  • Helping on IRC

Some piece of software to discover:

  • Zsh, or how to make Bash look old-fashioned Smile :)

  • Screen, a window manager for your virtual terminals
  • Mpd : music player daemon

See also my home page on the French Wiki : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/utilisateurs/yannick_lm


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