Hui, Ying Kin (Ken)

E-Mail: kenshin@alumni.cuhk.net

Homepage: http://huiyingkin.googlepages.com

Who am I?

I have been used linux for more than 8 years. My first linux distribution is Redhat 6.2. I learnt the basic stuffs from this distribution. Later, I have continued to use different versions of Redhat and Fedora. Moreover, I have tried different linux distributions, like Suse, Slackware, Debian. Currently, I am enjoying my Debian Sarge Server and Ubuntu Desktop.

My interesets on Linux development include IM with voice and video support, wireless and Xen. I look forward to discussing the issues with you all.

Direction in Ubuntu

I wish to involve more in Ubuntu project including bug-reporting and package-development.


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