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Launchpad: [https://launchpad.net/people/s-y-schwarz/ yman] Launchpad: [[https://launchpad.net/people/s-y-schwarz/|yman]]
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Blog: [http://yman-deadman.blogspot.com/ Dead Man] Blog: [[http://yman-deadman.blogspot.com/|Dead Man]]
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[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/newbe_to_newbe_guide_to_linux_commands_-_a_documentation_of_a_learning_proccess?highlight=%28newbe+to+newbe+guide%29 click here.] [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/newbe_to_newbe_guide_to_linux_commands_-_a_documentation_of_a_learning_proccess?highlight=%28newbe+to+newbe+guide%29|click here.]]

page about Forum Ambassadors:
[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ambassadors|click here.]]

Launchpad: yman

Blog: Dead Man

Guide to very basic linux commands: click here.

page about Forum Ambassadors: click here.


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