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You can send me an email at [[MailTo(yolynne AT gmail DOT com)]] You can send me an email at <<MailTo(yolynne AT gmail DOT com)>>
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 *Attended Free and Open Source trainings and conferences in Ateneo de Zamboanga University;[http://www.adzu.edu.ph] and in Manila thru IOSN;[http://www.iosn.net] [http://foss-at-work.net]  *Attended Free and Open Source trainings and conferences in Ateneo de Zamboanga University;[[http://www.adzu.edu.ph]] and in Manila thru IOSN;[[http://www.iosn.net]] [[http://foss-at-work.net]]

An UBUNTU/EDUBUNTU/KUBUNTU advocate from Zamboanga City, Philippines

I am an on and off linux user since 1999. Started using Slackware then Redhat (using lang kasi asawa ko ang nag install) then Ubuntu and Kubuntu recently. I had been beaten by the FOSS bug during the Linux World Seminar in Manila. I would like to see Edubuntu take off in the Education Sector. (Note: I am into Edubuntu now... got loads of stuff to play around)

I am proud of the fact that there are Filipinos under the documentation and development team of this project... Inspiring isn't it?!.

I had read and been inspired by the story and principles of Mr. Mark Shuttleworth

I am planning to hold a FOSS Seminar here in far far Zamboanga sometime in March. My way of sharing the FOSS ideology to the people of Zamboanga.

I also would like to start a LoCo chapter here...maybe sometime early next year too.

You can send me an email at <yolynne AT gmail DOT com>


I am organizing an event here in my hometown dubbed as FOSS@ZAMBOANGA to be held on March 10 and 11, 2006 at the Summit Center, Universidad de Zamboanga, Tetuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines. For more information please visit our official website http://linuxfoss.rjnworks.com or our online media sponsor http://www.wahoy.com

Update as of December 1, 2006

  • Successful in holding the FOSS@ZAMBOANGA conference
  • Attended Free and Open Source trainings and conferences in Ateneo de Zamboanga University;http://www.adzu.edu.ph and in Manila thru IOSN;http://www.iosn.net http://foss-at-work.net

  • Joined an Open Source Society in my area which gears to promote Open Source adaptation
  • Plans to assist in strengthening the team of Ubuntu-ph
  • Plans of doing outreach programs in churches and schools
  • Plans in assisting a Non-Profit organization called SHELTER in the education and training projects
  • Help out in organizing FOSS events in the country
  • Plans to encourage as many people as possible use Ubuntu, starting with students using Edubuntu and churches using Ubuntu Christian Edition

Principles in Life

The Best Things in Life are Free

Accepting One's Imperfections is a part of Human Perfection

God is glad if we ask for some grace, but he would like it better if we request to be the GRACE

The best way to live life is by not internalizing too much on the OUTCOME, you gotta LOVE the PROCESS






Email: yolynne [at] gmail.com

Mobile: +639062199524


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