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'''An new ubuntu advocate from Zamboanga, Philippines '''
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You can send me a note at
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An new ubuntu advocate from Zamboanga, Philippines

I am an on and off linux user since 1999. Started using Slackware (using lang kasi asawa ko ang nag install) then Ubuntu and Kubuntu recently. I had been beaten by the FOSS bug during the Linux World Seminar at Manila. Actually ke Mr. Ricky Gonzales talaga galing ang mga katagang "I have given you the seeds, it's up to you to let them grow" ewan ko kung yan nga ang eksaktong mga kataga na sinambit nya pero yan ang pagka intindi ko.

I am proud of the fact that a Filipino is under the development team of this project... o diba nakaka inspire.

I am planning to hold a FOSS Seminar here in far far Zamboanga sometime in February. My way of sharing the FOSS ideology to the people of Zamboanga.

I also would like to start a LoCo chapter here...maybe sometime early next year too.

You can send me a note at Email: MailTo(yolynne AT gmail DOT com)

http://yolynne.blogs.friendster.com .

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