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I, ARJUN C R, apply for core-dev rights



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Who I am

I am 26 year old software developer from India, Kerala. I started my c programming from 10 std onwards and completed B. Tech in electronics and communication engineering from Govt college of engineering Kannur ,India, Kerala in 2013 and currently i am working in a private company more than 2.5 years in server BMC firmware development mainly concentrating in kernel(5.4XX) and Debian buster target related work. I also have open source project in GitHub, i created a minimal Linux live os (link: also have one web site: now i am thinking to contribute to ubuntu core-dev because i am using ubuntu more than 9 years.

My Ubuntu story

I discovered ubuntu in school days in 2009, after that i tried a lot of Linux distros but i felt ubuntu is more stable and user friendly so currently in my laptop i am using ubuntu as primary os because i can do what ever i need with ubuntu also i can explore the max power of my pc.

My involvement

I am active in ubuntu forum and stack over flow to help problems related to ubuntu

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Fourm question:

custom ubuntu

Areas of work

Currently i concentrated to work on Linux kernel development, like finding out ubuntu kernel issues and applying fix for my system and sharing those info to others also i am experimenting latest kernel version in ubuntu and making a custom ubuntu

Things I could do better

Plans for the future


What I like least in Ubuntu

I would like to fix all kernel related issue and also bugs related to applications


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