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Hi! I'm Yuki.


I'm a life user since 1990, a Linux user since about 2002! During my time with Linux, I've only ever managed to stay with APT/DEB based distributions. Notably, this has only included Debian itself in the past, but now, Ubuntu is no exception to the rule. I've been using Ubuntu since early 2005 (some short time after Hoary was released).


I can say that it's mostly the package management that draws me to these systems; I once asked Linus what distribution he used - the reply was, "Fedora," so naturally I went and tried it. After all these years - an incident which deterred me from Linux when the thought in Grade 5 was to try RedHat 7.0 - I still don't like RPM. Careful package developers; I might turn into a xenophobe and try to annihilate aliens! Smile :)

I write code in C, C++, Python, Perl (shudder), even C# and VB.NET, and almost anything else if you give me a week or two to get nice and comfortable with it. Despite this, I've not developed anything useful at all, and not for Ubuntu, though surely if I come up with an idea I'll be sure to try to be the first to make the package. Instead, my contribution lies some leadership and some contactship of the Ubuntu Australian LoCo Team, a role I'm not used to taking, but enjoying tremendously all the same.

I'd be delighted to receive your questions, comments, questions about the LoCo Team, or package suggestions for Ubuntu. Smile :) I think there are several others out there who are better qualified, and more than likely a suitable package exists in our repositories already, and it's not difficult to get to those that aren't default.


  • Been involved with the AustralianTeam, including;

    • starting the team,
    • attracting new members,
    • keeping #ubuntu-au active and friendly, (not to imply that others aren't!)
    • talking to helpful people who set up the official mailing list,
    • retrieving the ubuntu.com.au domain,

    • chairing some meetings,
    • distributing CDs locally,
    • appearing on Linux Australia's podcast,

    • being the LoCoTeamContact for nine months.

  • distributed CDs internationally; particularly to the PRC,
  • translated programs into en-au, if not only to ensure that it's marked as translated as all, if only to ensure that colour and rumour have enough `u's,

  • lurked on #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1, ubuntu-users, ubuntu-devel and sounder, giving help where it has been applicable, and
  • generally been a great guy! (maybe a little low-brow, but hey! we're all friends here Funny :)) )


  • WilliamGrant: a good friend of mine, who actually introduced me to Ubuntu, and

  • AustralianTeam: the process of a co-ordinated effort to spread Ubuntu in Australia.


  • I look forward to contributing with you, but

  • You are yet to discover my contact details.










YukiCuss 15.4

April 2006


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