Meeting Info

Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of each month at 20:30 SAST (UTC+2) and are pretty informal. Anyone is free to join in and give comments and suggestions, its even encouraged. Please introduce yourself to the bot at the start of the meeting so he can take note of all members present as follows:



  • Meeting chair: chesedo

  • Welcoming and Introduction
  • Review minutes of previous meeting

  • Plans for 2016
  • Events
    • Past Month:
      • ?
    • Other:
      • To be arranged: Ubuntu Hour, Installfests or other events

    • Upcoming Next Month:
      • ?
  • Miscellaneous
    • Get more involved with lugs to promote Ubuntu and Foss together
    • Discuss Ubuntu education project
  • Elect chairperson for next meeting
  • Next meeting: 27 September 2016



[18:30:10] STARTED (chesedo)
[18:30:19] TOPIC: Welcoming and Introduction (chesedo)
[18:34:59] AGREED: No one raised issue with agenda (chesedo)
[18:36:29] TOPIC: Review minutes of previous meeting (chesedo)
[18:39:25] AGREED: All happy with previous minutes (chesedo)
[18:40:05] TOPIC: Plans for 2016 (chesedo)
[18:51:27] AGREED: To add Kapanda's membership to our trello task list (chesedo)
[18:52:33] AGREED: chesedo needs to contact kulelu88 for Ubuntu for Hope website (chesedo)
[18:54:22] AGREED: To discuss testimonies for magespawn's membership at next meeting (chesedo)
[18:54:56] TOPIC: Events (chesedo)
[19:00:35] IDEA: At SFD (17 Sept) to next meeting's agenda (chesedo)
[19:04:52] TOPIC: Miscellaneous (chesedo)
[19:12:08] AGREED: To remove lug's involvement from agendas (chesedo)
[19:25:31] TOPIC: Elect chairperson for next meeting (chesedo)
[19:26:43] AGREED: chesedo to chair next meeting (chesedo)
[19:27:04] TOPIC: Next meeting (chesedo)
[19:27:16] AGREED: Next meeting is 27 September 2016 @ 20:30 (chesedo)
[19:28:11] ENDED (chesedo)


* Raoul Snyman (superfly)
* Matthew Thompson (SEptic)
* William Kinghorn (williamk)
* Pieter Engelbrecht (chesedo)
* Miles Sharpe (Kilos)
* Gustav H Meyer (inetpro)
* Andrew Mac (andrewlsd)
* qwebirc13025
* Vincent Swart (Vince-0)
* JG du Preez (FusionSparc)
* Kapanda
* S. M. Pavel Sayekat (pavlushka)
* a willards cheese curl (nlsthzn)
* Zaki Chowdhury (zaki)

Raw Log

[18:30:10] <chesedo> Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - August 2016
[18:30:10] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:30:19] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction
[18:30:19] <Maaz> Current Topic: Welcoming and Introduction
[18:30:24] <chesedo> A hearty welcome to all and thanks for joining in on out monthly meeting
[18:30:37] <chesedo> s/out/our/
[18:30:50] <chesedo> Our bot maaz does the minutes as usual so please introduce yourself to it using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg.
[18:30:58] <chesedo> Maaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht
[18:30:58] <Maaz> chesedo: Yessir
[18:31:17] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer 
[18:31:17] <Maaz> inetpro: Yessir
[18:31:19] <SEptic> Maaz: I am Matthew Thompson
[18:31:19] <Maaz> SEptic: Righto
[18:31:23] <williamk> Maaz: I am William Kinghorn
[18:31:23] <Maaz> williamk: Done
[18:31:23] <chesedo> Today's agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20160823
[18:31:24] <nlsthzn> Maaz: I am a willards cheese curl
[18:31:24] <Maaz> nlsthzn: Sure
[18:31:24] <zaki> Maaz: I am Zaki Chowdhury
[18:31:24] <Maaz> zaki: Done
[18:31:26] <FusionSparc> Maaz: I am JG du Preez
[18:31:26] <Maaz> FusionSparc: Sure
[18:31:40] <chesedo> the agenda is quite short so any last minute addition are welcome
[18:32:14] <Kilos> Maaz  I am Miles Sharpe
[18:32:14] <Maaz> Kilos: Sure
[18:32:18] <Kilos> hi inetpro 
[18:32:29] <andrewlsd> Maaz: I am Andrew Mac
[18:32:29] <Maaz> andrewlsd: Sure
[18:32:32] <chesedo> all happy with the agenda
[18:32:58] * nlsthzn is here for the free food, agenda's are optional
[18:32:59] <inetpro> hi everyone... oh and hi Kilos 
[18:33:11] <Kilos> lol
[18:33:20] <chesedo> nlsthzn: think you could be passed over the net... i am looking for a snack
[18:33:48] <nlsthzn> just give me access to your box via ssh and we see what we can do ;)
[18:33:55] * inetpro lurking again 
[18:34:06] * nlsthzn sees a lurking inetpro 
[18:34:13] <FusionSparc> lol
[18:34:25] * andrewlsd sees nlsthzn seeing inetpro lurking
[18:34:27] <chesedo> nlsthzn: preferably with a wooden bowl...
[18:34:51] <nlsthzn> bandwidth permitting 
[18:34:52] <andrewlsd> chesedo: I have never used a wooden bowl shell before. 
[18:34:59] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed No one raised issue with agenda
[18:34:59] <Maaz> Agreed: No one raised issue with agenda
[18:35:00] <andrewlsd> wbs
[18:35:24] <chesedo> andrewlsd: no, to hold the chips...
[18:35:50] <Kilos> hi Kapanda 
[18:36:01] <Kapanda> Hi Kilos
[18:36:29] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:36:29] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:36:37] <chesedo> minutes of the previous meeting is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20160726
[18:36:43] <chesedo> Feel free to go through it for a refresher
[18:37:19] <williamk> Hi Kapanda
[18:37:47] <chesedo> overall i think this has been a slow month with all previous 'tasks' still outstanding...
[18:38:03] <nlsthzn> I see I was there... 
[18:38:05] <chesedo> all also happy with previous minutes?
[18:38:30] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman 
[18:38:30] <Maaz> superfly: Alrighty
[18:38:30] <Kapanda> Hi williamk
[18:38:34] <inetpro> slow month? I thought it was just me 
[18:38:45] <nlsthzn> I am moderately satisfied with the minutes
[18:38:46] * chesedo has been too busy with studies, to have taken care of his tasks
[18:38:54] <superfly> Um, my month is anything but slow. 
[18:38:57] <Kilos> hi williamk 
[18:39:04] <Kilos> nice to see you here
[18:39:11] <chesedo> lol, thanks nlsthzn
[18:39:13] <FusionSparc> Nope...month does not want to end..
[18:39:16] <nlsthzn> superfly: America or bust
[18:39:25] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed All happy with previous minutes
[18:39:25] <Maaz> Agreed: All happy with previous minutes
[18:39:55] <chesedo> the only issue there is that the chair called it Aug's meeting by mistake...
[18:40:05] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Plans for 2016
[18:40:05] <Maaz> Current Topic: Plans for 2016
[18:40:06] <nlsthzn> I call for a mistrail 
[18:40:08] <superfly> nlsthzn: dude, you have no idea... At least the US are on the ball. Kids' passports in less than 2 weeks. 
[18:40:13] <nlsthzn> mistrial even
[18:40:31] <Kapanda> I am happy
[18:40:34] <nlsthzn> passports or visa's?
[18:40:39] <williamk> Hi Kilos
[18:40:48] <superfly> Now to fight home affairs 
[18:40:54] <nlsthzn> glhf
[18:40:58] <chesedo> Anyone needing help with membership, launchpad ID, etc?
[18:41:05] <superfly> nlsthzn: passports, they are Americans
[18:41:12] <nlsthzn> oh ok
[18:41:20] <superfly> Oh yes. 
[18:41:21] <nlsthzn> pesky americans
[18:41:29] <chesedo> Kilos: i think mage's wiki page and testimonies will carry to next meeting?
[18:41:35] <FusionSparc> chesedo, I'd have to check those,havnt logged in for some time..
[18:41:48] * andrewlsd sees nlsthzn playing that trump card again.
[18:41:57] * nlsthzn had some interactions with ubuntu councils, yet again nothing good came from it
[18:41:58] <superfly> nlsthzn: I'm tell you more later 
[18:42:02] <chesedo> oh ok FusionSparc, which one?
[18:42:10] <nlsthzn> then again, it might have been two months ago
[18:42:14] <nlsthzn> superfly: k
[18:42:21] <FusionSparc> think the Launchpad ID
[18:42:34] <Kapanda> Yes I need membership certificate 
[18:43:14] <superfly> So who is chairing? 
[18:43:32] <chesedo> sesioned users help ^^ inetpro Kilos superfly nlsthzn
[18:43:36] <andrewlsd> chairing is caring.
[18:44:01] <superfly> chesedo: sessioned or seasoned? 
[18:44:04] <FusionSparc> Nvm, just logged in..Launchpad ID still good.. :)
[18:44:12] <chesedo> FusionSparc: login issue, missing...?
[18:44:21] <chesedo> oh ok
[18:44:22] * superfly doesn't know what sessioned means 
[18:44:31] <nlsthzn> I am very sessioned
[18:44:42] * andrewlsd thinks seasoned.
[18:45:02] <chesedo> Kapanda: Have you gone thru the details yet -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership
[18:45:05] <Kilos> nlsthzn get me involved with councils, ive made some friends there, so maybe we can sort something
[18:45:09] <FusionSparc> lol, nlsthzn . How long does your sessioned period last?
[18:45:26] <Kilos> chesedo add new member to that link
[18:45:27] <nlsthzn> FusionSparc: that is a very personal question :/
[18:45:45] <chesedo> superfly: depends on whether you are a summer or spice guy..:P
[18:46:03] <FusionSparc> lol, got it...
[18:46:08] <superfly> Well, sessioned would be neither 
[18:46:10] <nlsthzn> Kilos: nah , it all good... once bit etc.
[18:46:17] <nlsthzn> FusionSparc: :p
[18:46:20] <Kilos> nono
[18:46:28] <chesedo> superfly: lol yea that too
[18:46:29] <superfly> But now I have a new word in my dictionary 
[18:46:31] <Kilos> never accept defeat
[18:46:32] <Kapanda> Yeah, a bit much I always miss their meetings.
[18:46:34] <chesedo> Kilos: which link?
[18:47:01] <Kilos> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership with new member at the end i think
[18:47:05] <nlsthzn> I don't care and won't do anything for ubuntu again (except troll this meeting)
[18:47:06] <Kilos> ask inetpro 
[18:47:44] <Kilos> nlsthzn the whole of ubuntu cant be blamed for a few peeps decisions
[18:47:51] <chesedo> Oh this one https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember
[18:47:59] <Kilos> ya
[18:48:21] <nlsthzn> Kilos: the core is rotten, the rest of the system corrupted even if it doesn't know it
[18:48:21] <Kilos> getting membership isnt simple
[18:48:22] <inetpro> ssshhh... I'm trying to watch top chef :-)
[18:48:29] <inetpro> oops 
[18:48:31] <Kilos> nope nlsthzn 
[18:49:02] <Kilos> people are just too hot headed
[18:49:05] * nlsthzn closes the hatches, DIVE DIVE DIVE
[18:49:19] * nlsthzn is a submarine
[18:49:38] <superfly> nlsthzn: are you yellow, by any chance? 
[18:49:59] <chesedo> so I can go ahead and add Kapanda's membership application to our trello?
[18:50:00] <nlsthzn> only on the outside superfly 
[18:50:08] <superfly> And filled with a 4 man band from the  60's
[18:50:56] <Kapanda> Please. 
[18:50:59] <chesedo> update on the ubuntu for africa site: i still need to contact kulelu88
[18:51:14] <nlsthzn> superfly: only three now
[18:51:19] <andrewlsd> nlsthzn: did you use to contribute to "Ubuntu Weekly"?
[18:51:27] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed To add Kapanda's membership to our trello task list
[18:51:27] <Maaz> Agreed: To add Kapanda's membership to our trello task list
[18:51:29] <nlsthzn> long time ago andrewlsd 
[18:51:45] * andrewlsd googled 
[18:51:46] <nlsthzn> but when my work blocked everything my contributions where limites
[18:51:49] <nlsthzn> *limited
[18:52:12] <andrewlsd> k.
[18:52:31] <Kilos> chesedo huh
[18:52:33] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed chesedo needs to contact kulelu88 for Ubuntu for Hope website...
[18:52:33] <Maaz> Agreed: chesedo needs to contact kulelu88 for Ubuntu for Hope website
[18:52:44] <andrewlsd> hence the vpn over icmp discussions with theblazehen82 earlier.
[18:52:46] <Kilos> kuleloo about the africa site
[18:52:56] <chesedo> Kilos: sorry get confused after long day...
[18:53:01] <Kilos> whew
[18:53:05] <Kilos> id say
[18:53:07] <chesedo> Ubuntu for Hope site...
[18:53:14] <Kilos> haha
[18:53:30] <chesedo> Kilos: answer to mage's application?
[18:53:45] * chesedo looking to move meeting along
[18:53:47] <Kilos> well next month then
[18:53:54] <chesedo> Kilos: ok
[18:53:55] <Kilos> why you think he left 
[18:54:03] <Kilos> he ducking
[18:54:11] <Kilos> also playing submarine
[18:54:22] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed To discuss testimonies for magespawn's membership at next meeting
[18:54:22] <Maaz> Agreed: To discuss testimonies for magespawn's membership at next meeting
[18:54:31] <Kapanda> How is the Ubuntu for Hope coming along.
[18:54:42] * chesedo hopes sometimes that he is not chair so that he can too
[18:54:54] <Kilos> haha
[18:54:56] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Events
[18:54:56] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[18:55:03] <Kilos> hard luck chesedo 
[18:55:14] <chesedo> yea
[18:55:16] <andrewlsd> chesedo: Software Freedom Day should be coming up soon
[18:55:28] <Kilos> hi Vince-0 
[18:55:39] <pavlushka> Maaz: I am S. M. Pavel Sayekat
[18:55:39] <Maaz> pavlushka: Righto
[18:55:39] <chesedo> we did not have any for the past month right?
[18:55:41] <Kilos> no irc client anymore
[18:55:54] <chesedo> oh yes, when andrewlsd
[18:55:56] <chesedo> ?
[18:55:59] <Vince-0> Maaz: I am Vincent Swart
[18:55:59] <Maaz> Vince-0: Okay
[18:56:24] <andrewlsd> chesedo: me googles.
[18:56:44] <andrewlsd> http://sfd.org.za
[18:56:45] <chesedo> ag, another submarine...
[18:56:56] <andrewlsd> usually kmf knows
[18:56:56] <Kilos> my main event happens in 7 days time
[18:57:27] <andrewlsd> should be 17th or 24th Sept. not sure which
[18:57:34] <chesedo> andrewlsd: last year he started planning in June if i have it correct?
[18:57:47] <chesedo> Kilos: aus?
[18:57:53] <Kilos> yyip
[18:58:21] <chesedo> Kilos: hope you will still visit the chan??
[18:58:34] <Kilos> but i will visit here time allowing
[18:58:35] <andrewlsd> chesedo: you are probably correct re planning
[18:58:43] <Kilos> this is my home
[18:58:51] <chesedo> Kilos: great!
[18:59:11] <Kilos> just be 9 hours ahead of you
[18:59:16] <chesedo> andrewlsd: is he the organizer this year?
[18:59:23] <andrewlsd> according to softwarefreedomday.org it is 17 Sept.
[18:59:28] <Kilos> so ill say night when you all are waking up
[18:59:33] <andrewlsd> chesedo: I have no idea.
[18:59:55] <chesedo> ok will add that to the next agenda andrewlsd
[19:00:00] * inetpro is back
[19:00:15] <andrewlsd> chesedo: if it hasn't already been planned then it probably won't happen.
[19:00:19] <inetpro> chesedo: what did I miss?
[19:00:35] <chesedo> Maaz: idea At SFD (17 Sept) to next meeting's agenda
[19:00:35] <Maaz> Idea recorded: At SFD (17 Sept) to next meeting's agenda
[19:00:50] * pavlushka thinking of how to make up ubuntu-bd.org
[19:00:56] <chesedo> inetpro: the concord to your membership application... :P
[19:00:57] <inetpro> andrewlsd: can you talk to kmf perhaps?
[19:01:28] <andrewlsd> inetpro: finding my phone to telegram him
[19:01:34] <chesedo> There is not any release parties planned for 16.10 that i know too?
[19:02:27] <inetpro> can't imagine kmf skipping the SFD event
[19:02:40] <andrewlsd> inetpro: chesedo I'll have to check with kmf tomorrow. It's a bit late to ping  him now.
[19:02:51] <chesedo> andrewlsd: np
[19:03:14] <superfly> These hippies and their early nights... 
[19:03:22] <chesedo> andrewlsd: if it is still on, will you send detail on mailing list?
[19:03:22] <Kilos> hehe
[19:04:00] <andrewlsd> chesedo: yes
[19:04:04] * chesedo is already half way to sleep too
[19:04:05] <andrewlsd> superfly: lol
[19:04:39] <chesedo> all happy if i move on to Misc?
[19:04:47] <Kilos> ya
[19:04:47] <andrewlsd> chesedo: yes
[19:04:49] <FusionSparc> yes
[19:04:52] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Miscellaneous
[19:04:52] <Maaz> Current Topic: Miscellaneous
[19:05:19] <chesedo> Kilos: any update on lug involvement?
[19:05:31] * chesedo thinks we discussed it at last meeting...
[19:05:34] <Kilos> not a word from lugs
[19:06:02] <Kilos> write them off for now unless you have time to approach them again
[19:06:18] <Kilos> williamk might have some feedback from durbs
[19:06:22] <Kapanda> lugs have gone quite for a while
[19:06:23] <inetpro> Kilos: you must have a safe flight, enjoy the ride of your life and I hope we see you back here in good spirit again next month... oh and obviously saying hi here in between as well
[19:06:40] <Kilos> 3 months
[19:06:48] <chesedo> "write off" as in remove from agenda's?
[19:06:54] <Kilos> ty for the wishes though
[19:07:01] <andrewlsd> chesedo: slack seems to be quite popular atm. lots of tech peeps there (related to lugs)
[19:07:07] <andrewlsd> chesedo: e.g zatech.co.za
[19:07:13] <Kilos> inetpro ^^ about lugs
[19:07:44] * andrewlsd thinks to remove lugs from agend
[19:07:46] <pavlushka> we bd guys need some help on how to make up our ubuntu-bd.org
[19:07:46] * andrewlsd thinks to remove lugs from agenda
[19:07:56] <chesedo> wow > 1000 members there...
[19:08:38] <inetpro> 1000 members? Yikes!
[19:08:52] <inetpro> that must be difficult to follow
[19:09:07] <williamk> Kilos - Don't know what is happening with DbnLUG, maybe Vince-0 can comment
[19:09:20] <Kilos> if lugs dont have time to be involved with us it is their loss
[19:09:35] <chesedo> pavlushka: with what specificlly?
[19:09:48] <Kilos> Vince-0 and williamk are the only ones here
[19:10:40] <pavlushka> what should be the procedure, the domain is ubuntu-bd.org and we can manage a host, but what is the official procedure?
[19:10:40] <chesedo> and then we also take ages to get to their programs...
[19:11:21] <SEptic> who was looking for sponsors to host some page the other day?
[19:11:27] <Vince-0> Nort ey, nothing on going
[19:11:32] <chesedo> any new info about how an education project will work williamk Kapanda?
[19:12:08] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed To remove lug's involvement from agendas
[19:12:08] <Maaz> Agreed: To remove lug's involvement from agendas
[19:12:27] <chesedo> pavlushka: i have no idea...
[19:12:27] <Kapanda> I was thinking we should build one.
[19:12:40] <chesedo> superfly: you should know^^^
[19:13:16] <chesedo> Kapanda: wasn't there something about being certified at the last discussion?
[19:13:28] <Kapanda> where is it going to be hosted
[19:14:01] <williamk> Kapanda : is your email still the same, I see that you moved
[19:14:18] <chesedo> Kapanda: physically?
[19:14:27] <Kapanda> Yes, I was thinking Ubuntu supplies that or we can come up with the certification
[19:14:33] <Kapanda> @ yes
[19:14:47] <Kapanda> @ williamk
[19:15:06] <andrewlsd> Kapanda: what certification (I missed the previous discussion)
[19:15:09] <Kilos> ai! another tweeter
[19:15:21] <andrewlsd> Kapanda: (so tl;dr version)
[19:15:29] <Kilos> Kapanda we dont need @ here
[19:15:31] <FusionSparc> yes, what does the certification entitle?
[19:15:46] <andrewlsd> s/entitle/entail/ ?
[19:15:59] <andrewlsd> ^ probably entitle and entail.
[19:16:01] <FusionSparc> hehe...that one..
[19:16:11] <FusionSparc> long day..:/
[19:16:49] <andrewlsd> fyi, RH certification has NQF-level points now.
[19:16:59] <andrewlsd> not sure if that is what you were aiming at.
[19:17:24] <chesedo> a summary from my side (as i remember): is having a computer usage education project that is not just aimed at Ubuntu(linux)...
[19:18:02] <Kapanda> yep NQF
[19:18:25] <chesedo> in was mostly born/related to Kapanda's book project of last year
[19:18:49] <andrewlsd> interesting stat I saw today re internet traffic. Nigeria and ZA have highest percentage of their countries total internet traffic (web-browsing) being consumed via mobile devices.
[19:18:55] <andrewlsd> ... ^ bring on Ubuntu phone.
[19:19:09] * andrewlsd would love to see that as a project in ZA
[19:19:52] <inetpro> if only our we could have real uncapped bandwidth in this country
[19:19:59] <chesedo> Kapanda: do you know the procedure needed for a NQF cert?
[19:20:25] <chesedo> andrewlsd: yip, that would be something...
[19:20:36] <inetpro> and with that I mean uncapped wireless data
[19:21:09] <andrewlsd> that stat I saw was at ubuntu-bd.org
[19:21:27] <Kapanda> I was looking into it, while back. I will check and send an email
[19:21:46] * chesedo can remember something his brother had to do in school (externally) a few years ago that might already be certified...
[19:22:03] <chesedo> Kapanda: ok
[19:22:06] <andrewlsd> inetpro: Most non-video stuff fits within 5GB/month.
[19:22:25] <inetpro> andrewlsd: no ways 
[19:22:40] <andrewlsd> correction. that stat I saw was at  https://www.techcentral.co.za/how-tulutulu-could-disrupt-african-media/67810/
[19:22:40] <andrewlsd> sorry about the copy-paste faile
[19:23:01] <andrewlsd> inetpro: only Showmax nukes me past 5GB
[19:23:12] <chesedo> yip, with video we are 30-45GB a month...
[19:23:14] <andrewlsd> inetpro: only Showmax nukes me past 5GB (and youtube)
[19:23:20] <inetpro> 5GB per month is never enough for a whole family, not even 20GB is enough
[19:23:53] <andrewlsd> inetpro: ? 5GB is a lot of text.
[19:24:16] <andrewlsd> so to use 5GB/person must involve some sort of media streaming.
[19:24:26] <FusionSparc> We do 150Gb a month, and thats just streaming and browsing...Data goes fast.. :/
[19:24:28] <andrewlsd> (not that media-streaming is an unusual useage of data)
[19:24:59] * andrewlsd always sets video streams to 360p
[19:25:01] <chesedo> last update for misc is that the trello cleanup has at least not gone backwards this month (nor forwards either)
[19:25:31] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:25:31] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:25:32] <Kilos> lol
[19:25:34] * andrewlsd would use more data if he had a faster link, for FHD video.
[19:25:45] <Kilos> chesedo +1
[19:25:51] <chesedo> Anyone that would like the magic wand in the next meeting?
[19:25:53] <andrewlsd> chesedo +1
[19:26:04] <andrewlsd> when is the next emeting
[19:26:10] <FusionSparc> chesedo +1
[19:26:12] <andrewlsd> s/emeting/meeting/
[19:26:13] <inetpro> chesedo: +1
[19:26:16] <chesedo> yeah speed keeps bandwidth down atleast too
[19:26:24] <chesedo> andrewlsd: 27 sept
[19:26:43] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed chesedo to chair next meeting
[19:26:43] <Maaz> Agreed: chesedo to chair next meeting
[19:26:51] <Kilos> yay
[19:26:59] <inetpro> andrewlsd: "Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of each month at 20:30"
[19:27:01] <chesedo> eish me can't duck again :P
[19:27:04] <chesedo> Maaz: topic Next meeting
[19:27:04] <Maaz> Current Topic: Next meeting
[19:27:08] <andrewlsd> I'll volunteer for October's meeting then.
[19:27:11] <Kilos> hehe
[19:27:16] <chesedo> Maaz: agreed Next meeting is 27 September 2016 @ 20:30 
[19:27:16] <Maaz> Agreed: Next meeting is 27 September 2016 @ 20:30
[19:27:25] <andrewlsd> inetpro: I can't count to 4th in weeks.
[19:27:31] <chesedo> andrewlsd: awesome!
[19:27:55] <chesedo> thank you all for joining in on the meeting..
[19:28:11] <chesedo> Maaz: end meeting
[19:28:11] <Kilos> thank youchesfor chairing for us

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