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Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of each month at 20:30 SAST (UTC+2) and are pretty informal. Anyone is free to join in and give comments and suggestions, its even encouraged. Please introduce yourself to the bot at the start of the meeting so he can take note of all members present as follows:





[18:30:10] STARTED (theblazehen)
[18:30:29] TOPIC: Welcoming and Introduction (theblazehen)
[18:34:00] AGREED: All happy with agenda (theblazehen)
[18:34:12] TOPIC: Review minutes of previous meeting (theblazehen)
[18:35:24] AGREED: All happy with previous minutes (theblazehen)
[18:35:45] TOPIC: Next Steps (theblazehen)
[18:37:42] AGREED: No new Next Steps (theblazehen)
[18:37:59] TOPIC: Events (theblazehen)
[18:44:11] AGREED: No other events to add (theblazehen)
[18:44:25] TOPIC: Miscellaneous (theblazehen)
[18:47:12] AGREED: no update (theblazehen)
[18:47:27] TOPIC: Next meeting (theblazehen)
[18:48:48] AGREED: Next meeting is 21 June 2017 @ 20:30 (theblazehen)
[18:48:58] TOPIC: Elect chairperson for next meeting (theblazehen)
[18:50:10] AGREED: theblazehen to chair next meeting (theblazehen)
[18:50:15] ENDED (theblazehen)


* Raoul Snyman (superfly)
* Paul Romano (londoner)
* Miles Sharpe (Kilos)
* Gustav H Meyer (inetpro)
* Jeandre Le Roux (theblazehen)
* Bradley Putzier (captine)
* <firstname lastname> (nlsthzn)

Raw Log

[18:30:10] <theblazehen> Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - May 2017
[18:30:10] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:30:12] * inetpro ready to stand up for the new chair
[18:30:27] <inetpro> wow, on time and on target :-)
[18:30:29] <theblazehen> Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction
[18:30:29] <Maaz> Current Topic: Welcoming and Introduction
[18:30:30] <Kilos> hi theblazehen 
[18:30:34] <Kilos> cool beans
[18:30:51] <theblazehen> Hi all, thanks for joining in on the monthly meeting
[18:31:07] <theblazehen> Our bot maaz does the minutes as usual so please introduce yourself to it using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>`
[18:31:12] <theblazehen> Maaz: I am Jeandre Le Roux
[18:31:12] <Maaz> theblazehen: Yessir
[18:31:16] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[18:31:16] <Maaz> inetpro: Okay
[18:31:17] <nlsthzn> hey uncle Kilos, inetpro, superfly, theblazehen and all
[18:31:17] <Kilos> Maaz I am Miles Sharpe
[18:31:17] <Maaz> Kilos: Sure
[18:31:21] <londoner> Maaz: I am Paul Romano
[18:31:21] <Maaz> londoner: Sure
[18:31:24] <Kilos> hi nlsthzn 
[18:31:36] <nlsthzn> Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>
[18:31:36] <Maaz> nlsthzn: Done
[18:31:40] <captine> Maaz: I am Bradley Putzier
[18:31:40] <Maaz> captine: Alrighty
[18:32:38] <Kilos> nlsthzn what you smoking
[18:32:44] <theblazehen> The agenda for today is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20170523
[18:32:55] <nlsthzn> uncle Kilos, only the good stuff ;)
[18:33:04] <theblazehen> Any additions to be added?
[18:33:09] <Kilos> lol ya firstname last name
[18:33:53] <nlsthzn> let's not argue about who killed who...
[18:34:00] <theblazehen> Maaz: agreed All happy with agenda
[18:34:00] <Maaz> Agreed: All happy with agenda
[18:34:12] <theblazehen> Maaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:34:12] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting
[18:34:24] <inetpro> kill -9 nlsthzn
[18:34:36] <nlsthzn> no sudo inetpro?
[18:34:41] <theblazehen> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20170425 link to previous minutes
[18:34:44] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:34:44] <Maaz> superfly: Okay
[18:35:14] * nlsthzn spies the mysterious stranger in the red fedora
[18:35:24] <theblazehen> Maaz: agreed All happy with previous minutes
[18:35:24] <Maaz> Agreed: All happy with previous minutes
[18:35:45] <theblazehen> Maaz: topic Next Steps
[18:35:45] <Maaz> Current Topic: Next Steps
[18:36:10] <theblazehen> Same next steps as linked in previous meeting, anyone got anything to add?
[18:36:43] <captine> sorry, I have been out of things for a while so trying to catchup.  Nothing from my side
[18:37:05] <inetpro> Kilos: you still have membership meetings even?
[18:37:29] <theblazehen> Can I go with nothing to add then?
[18:37:42] <theblazehen> Maaz: agreed No new Next Steps
[18:37:42] <Maaz> Agreed: No new Next Steps
[18:37:42] <inetpro> theblazehen: +1
[18:37:48] * nlsthzn sees he will have to make himself a cup of tea as nobody else will
[18:37:57] <Kilos> i have missed inetpro 
[18:37:59] <theblazehen> Maaz: topic Events
[18:37:59] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[18:38:09] <Kilos>  cant stay awake so late
[18:38:25] <theblazehen> Currently, there is just Ubuntu hour that needs to be arranged, anything else?
[18:38:56] <captine> that ubuntu hour link is pretty old.  Where do we get the details?
[18:39:00] <captine> for the new one?
[18:39:40] <inetpro> theblazehen: Ubuntu Hour, Installfests or other events 
[18:39:48] <inetpro> that's more than one thing :-)
[18:39:55] <superfly> nlsthzn: :-)
[18:40:20] <theblazehen> inetpro: Right
[18:40:54] <theblazehen> Anyone got a newer link for ubuntu hour?
[18:41:14] <Kilos> where is chesedo 
[18:41:24] <captine> all i can find is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour 
[18:41:29] <Kilos> and paddatrapper 
[18:41:29] <captine> but thats last year i think
[18:41:34] * nlsthzn sees many a "Gnome-shell, what is this I don't even" sessions being needed next year ;)
[18:41:42] <inetpro> we just need brave souls to jump in and do it, it's a duocracy after all 
[18:42:11] <inetpro> Kilos: the poor soul is studying for exams
[18:42:20] <Kilos> ai!
[18:42:30] <Kilos> tell him good luck please
[18:42:45] <inetpro> will do
[18:43:09] <theblazehen> Should we move on?
[18:44:11] <theblazehen> Maaz: agreed No other events to add
[18:44:11] <Maaz> Agreed: No other events to add
[18:44:23] <inetpro> s/duocracy/do-ocracy/
[18:44:25] <theblazehen> Maaz: topic Miscellaneous
[18:44:25] <Maaz> Current Topic: Miscellaneous
[18:44:46] <theblazehen> nsnzero: How
[18:44:57] <theblazehen> 's things going with ubuntu education project?
[18:47:12] <theblazehen> Maaz agreed no update
[18:47:12] <Maaz> Agreed: no update
[18:47:27] <theblazehen> Maaz: topic Next meeting
[18:47:27] <Maaz> Current Topic: Next meeting
[18:48:48] <theblazehen> Maaz agreed Next meeting is 21 June 2017 @ 20:30
[18:48:48] <Maaz> Agreed: Next meeting is 21 June 2017 @ 20:30
[18:48:58] <theblazehen> Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting
[18:48:58] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting
[18:49:01] <theblazehen> Volunteers?
[18:49:09] <Kilos> theblazehen +1
[18:49:11] * inetpro votes for theblazehen
[18:49:20] <Kilos> you do well theblazehen 
[18:49:26] <nlsthzn> theblazehen is dafastested
[18:49:28] <Kilos> im impressed
[18:49:54] <theblazehen> ty. Alright, then
[18:49:56] <captine> sorry, no updates on ubuntu education but when i clicked the link for "Ubuntu for Hope" the site is empty.  Anything there to be done?
[18:50:10] <theblazehen> Maaz agreed theblazehen to chair next meeting
[18:50:10] <Maaz> Agreed: theblazehen to chair next meeting
[18:50:15] <theblazehen> Maaz end meeting

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