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 * More events outside of CT/SB  * More events outside of Cape Town / Stellenbosch

Ubuntu-za (aka Ubuntu South Africa) has been an approved Loco since July 2005. We work with the local LUGs to support the Ubuntu community. There are some factors that make activity in the South African communities unique. We are distributed over large areas and our bandwidth is expensive. It is important for us to spread Ubuntu in the form of install CDs and repositories to people so they can avoid downloading.

To this end we have Global Jams and Release parties and we take part in Software Freedom days.

We now have 4 ubuntu members on our team. We have a sub team in Stellenbosch. We connect with CLUG, LEG, TLUG, FLUG, UCT Algorithm Circle, SULUG, GLUG, LEAD

The leadership changes in the past 2 years have been smooth (another thread).

This document was a team effort.

Key Details

  • Date - August 2010

  • Team Contact - David Rubin <>

  • Membership - 171 direct members as of 24 July 2010 see ~ubuntu-za

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-za on - 324 subscribed as of 24 July 2010

  • IRC - #ubuntu-za on freenode - 36 active participants as of July 2010


Immediate future

Long term

  • Getting more Ubuntu developers in SA
  • More events outside of Cape Town / Stellenbosch
  • More Ubuntu Hours
  • More non-geeky users at events
  • Get more Ubuntu Members from ZA
  • Obtaining funds for free swag for events
  • Marketing Ubuntu in the media? To schools?


Online Activities

Just a note on why our online activities seem very minimal. We recently lost our original website. Which contained much of our docs and meetings and repots. You can see Announcement

  • Website -

    • recent revamp to match the Lucid rebranding
    • page to assist people finding local contacts with a copy of Ubuntu

    • feed of community members' blogs

    • Incorporated easier LP OpenID integration

    • Page hits since revamp - Note the spike of almost 200 people on the first two days after the site was launched. A number of other LoCo's liked our new theme.

  • Meetings - Record and logs of recent meetings.

  • Mailing list - this list is used for the Loco but is also a frequent stop for Ubuntu related support. Mailing list membership has increased from 87 to 324 since 2008 at least one happy member

  • IRC - membership has increased from 23 to 36 since 2008.

  • Forums - Ubuntu-za at

  • Wiki -

    • The Stellenbosch sub-team maintain a useful Ubuntu-wiki which supports the Stellenbosch University Ubuntu community.

    • ML thread on Wiki Jam and Peanut butter day held to clean up the old ubuntu-za wiki.

IRL Activities

Ubuntu Pins Ubuntu Cake Ubuntu Poster Afrikaans stickers



  • Members by month Members by Year



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