Zackary Boarman

  • I have been digging through Ubuntu and just linux in general. I was the founder of a LUG, but there was no active members so I shut it down after a few years. I have been studying several topics about linux. Using buzybox and uClibc, got a root image that's Gzip'ed to just a mere 800Kb's in size, but working on what I want to use it for, just a current project. My main pc is an AMD Anthlon 64 X2 5600+ and has 2Gb of ram which i rarely use more than 700Mb of running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.


Former MadKeyLUG Admin


Self-Employed Computer Repair Technician and Farm Hand


Working on making a self-contained system with php+sqlite and buzybox that can be used as a embedded web server.


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