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About Me


Hi all! Smile :) I'm a Ubuntu user from the Philippines, currently residing in the town of Daet, Camarines Norte.

I have started treading the path of Free and Open Source Software by using Debian GNU/Linux since August 2003 (actually, I've been tinkering with various floppy-disk distros well before that.) As such, I also maintain several Debian packages.

I was following Ubuntu since the Warty release, but it was only until now that I have crossed the threshold and running Ubuntu both in my rather old and clunky home desktop and in my local parish's office machines, thanks to the advancements of each release, as well as some good-natured prodding by JeromeGotangco :).

I am currently involved in ubuntu as a channel regular at #ubuntu-ph, and officially as a member of Membership/RegionalBoards/AsiaOceania.

I acted as the LoCoTeamLeader of the PhilippineTeam (until early 2009) and also worked with the Ubuntu Tagalog Translators team, involved in translating the templates of several packages in Rosetta into Tagalog. I was also a MOTU working towards the polishing of the EdgyEft release.

I worked on Sendpage for KeesCook of Open Source Development Labs as part of Google's Summer of Code 2006. Although I'm officially done with the project, I'm still working on some bits, and I plan to continue contributing because I'm very proud of it. Big Grin :)

For my real-life stuff, I was a student of Associate in Arts at the University of the Philippines Open University. I have worked as a guest Software Engineer for Orange and Bronze Software Labs for a project last late 2006, and as a system administrator for Morph Labs engineering and maintaining a Web 2.0 application deployment platform.

I usually hang out at the #ubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-motu, and #ubuntu-ph channels as well as lurking in #debian-devel and #debian-mentors (among many others) at Freenode and OFTC, as I also aspire to become a Debian Developer(TM) (See my WikiPage).

This page was hopelessly out of date. This September 2009, I intend to change that Big Grin :)

My Ubuntu Work

Translations to Tagalog

Packages for MOTU Work

Interested to work on soon (but could not commit yet)

Package Merges Done

Packages currently maintained in Debian

To name a few:

The latest list can be found at Debian's developer status page.

Bugs Reported

Specs Involved

Interested in implementing:


Edubuntu Work

  • Coordinating with the ICL folks to produce courseware for Edubuntu

My Other FOSS Work

My Plans for the (Immediate) Future

  • Start planning new work to do on Ubuntu Wink ;)

My Vision for Ubuntu

This used to be I want to see Ubuntu in the next 2 to 5 years running on most desktops, laptops, and servers in the Philippines, and I want to see it speaking Tagalog, Bikol, and other Philippine languages. In particular, I want to see Ubuntu emerging as a powerful platform for education and research., originally written in 2005. By 2009, this seems to becoming a reality, though a little more work is done, and now that I've come back I'm going to push for it once again.

My Availability for Ubuntu Work

Just give me someone to sponsor my bandwidth and power costs, and I'll be happy to work on Ubuntu packages full-time Wink ;)

Seriously, I will help Ubuntu whereever I can, whenever I can, to the fullest of my abilities. I want to give back to the community what the same community gave me, and I want to give it back a hundredfold.

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