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About My Ubuntu

I've been using ubuntu since I was 11, and lately helping people out with it after so many years of experience. I've come up with compression algorithms, programs, codes, and have attempted to port programs to other OS's. I like how the page uses coffee/coffee beams kinda like a ranking scale.

OS History

I've used more than just Ubuntu. Over the past couple years I've used Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, PC Linux, Pendrive Linux, Damn Small Linux, Fedora, Yellow Dog Linux, PsUbuntu (ubuntu for ps3), Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS X. There's some other ones that I've played and toyed with, but there's to many to remember hahaha.

Personal Interests

None of my friends know that I'm this big of a computer person. Most of my friends don't even know that I know what a computer is. During my high school years, even though I was a huge computer guy, I never talked about it. During High School, I was a popular, football player, with loads of girlfriends. To this day my friends still don't know that I'm a computer person, and I'm okay with that.

Need Help?

If you ever need help with a problem then hit me up! E-mail me at and ask for some help. But remember, I'm not an expert at every part of Ubuntu, but I can at least help with some things. It never hurts try if you have a problem!


Currently I am the manager of business (and at such a young age to!). I love to manage people, which is why I wanted to start my own LoCo Team. I live in Idaho, and saw that the first Idaho LoCo team wasn't very successful. I took an interest in having a local team of people to work with, but seeing as how there weren't quite enough people to make a team, I thought it would be a good idea to include the states, Oregon, and Washington!

My Goal for Ubuntu

My personal goal for Ubuntu is to be able to help make it the best Operating System around, so I like to contribute by helping others, compiling files, making programs, etc...But just one person can only make so much of a difference...This is why I'm starting my own LoCo team. If one person can make a mediocre program, and try to make it public, then that is a good contribution from them, but lets say they were in a LoCo team, and the team helped that one person make it a great program? It not only gives the world a really cool program, but it brings a bunch of people closer together, promotes teamwork, and motivates them to do even greater things!

Helping, teamwork, motivation, and community, these are my goals, and I hope to accomplish them. Wink ;)