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Email: [[MailTo(]][[BR]]
Launchpad ID:[[BR]]
Email: [[MailTo(]][[BR]]
Launchpad ID: [[BR]]
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Nickname: Zarul / CodeFreak[[BR]] Nickname: Zarul [[BR]]
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4. Working on Bahasa Malaysia translation.

Outside Ubuntu, I am a freelance web marketer. I also do a lot of research in computer security, especially linux security. One of my contribution in this area is writing a whitepaper 2 years ago about bypassing a security mechanism on a linus distro that was claimed "nearly impposible to defeat" by a security expert:

Name: Zarul ShahrinBR Email: MailTo( Launchpad ID: BR IRCBR Nickname: Zarul BR Server: irc.freenode.orgBR Channel: #ubuntu-my

About Me

My name is Zarul Shahrin.I've been using linux since 5 years ago and amongst the pioneers in introducing Ubuntu-Linux in my country. I founded the MalaysianTeam last year with the aim to get more people in my country to use linux. Though everything was a bit slow at first, we have been getting a lot of good responds lately due to our effort in distributing CDs in conferences, fairs etc. At the moment we have more than 20 active registered members helping us promoting Ubuntu.

Among the things I have done:

1. Distribute Ubuntu Cds at conferences/fairs/events.

2. Recommending Ubuntu linux to my college lecturers and students.

3. Helping small business owners to setup Ubuntu on their machines/servers.

4. Helping local colleges/universities getting Ubuntu Cds.

5. Answering questions sent to me via email about Ubuntu.

Some of the things that I am doing now:

1. Building our local team website.

2. Recruiting new members.

3. Planning our group activities.

My Goal

1. To see MalaysianTeam becomes an official Loco team.

2. To come out with our own official local distro based on Ubuntu.

3. To make MalaysianTeam one of the best loco team.


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