Zattoo is a cross-platform p2p internet TV application which allows you to watch TV on your laptop or Desktop.

Installing Zattoo on 64-bit Ubuntu

Zattoo was, yet is currently no longer available as a download for Ubunteros. Yet if you have kept a previous .deb version or know someone who does, it will still run!

  1. The Zattoo .deb was made for 32-bit so we'll have to use the force command

sudo dpkg -i --force-all zattoo-
  1. We'll need getlibs. This is not in the repositories so we need to go to and choose the getlibs-all.deb Install the usual way.

  2. Now that getlibs are available we can finish with:

sudo apt-get install getlibs && getlibs /usr/bin/zattoo_player
  1. Run Zattoo player ( from your main menu: Applications -> Sound & video -> Zattoo player) and start to watch TV! (You may need to register for a new account if you don't already have one, but the registration steps are really simple)


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