Letter to the Community Council:


My name is Troy McFerron. I use the handle "zenwhen" on the Ubuntu Forums. I have been a member of the Ubuntu Forums staff for a year and a half. During that time I have been in close contact with the other staff members and administrators, helping to deal with issues on the forums in a quick and fair manner.

As a staff member on the forums I have been responsible for screening HOWTO threads, dealing with "trolls", offensive posts, and participating in staff discussions on the future direction and present state of the forums community. As a part of the Ubuntu Forums staff, I have been a part of a winning team. We have created a thriving community where new and veteran Ubuntu users can discuss issues, get technical support, and chat with each other. I am sure Ryan, (ubuntu-geek), Jenda, and many other members of the Ubuntu Forums staff would support me if asked to describe my contribution to the forums.

I have seen moderators come and go, but my commitment to the forums has not faded. I love Ubuntu, love the community, and wish to continue to serve it in the best way possible. I would like to become an Ubuntu member in order to officially have my contributions recognized, and so that I can proudly call myself an official member of the team.

I also started the Freenode IRC channel, #ubuntuforums. This channel has been serving as the unofficial/official (want to get this clarified and solidified) channel for the Ubuntu forums. We usually have about 60 people in there discussing forums goings on, and Ubuntu in general. I would like to have it recognized as another contribution I have made to the community, and would like to work towards making it fit more tightly in with the other official Ubuntu IRC channels.

I appreciate having the opportunity to apply for Ubuntu membership in this manner, as I have not had a chance to attend a meeting due to working so much as of late. Thank you for considering me for membership.

Thank you,

Troy "zenwhen" McFerron zenwhen@zenwhen.com


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