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How to install: Using a terminal window, issue the following co

  • Download the file:

wget http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/zdesktop/10580/zdesktop_2_0_b10580_linux_i686.tgz

  • Extract the files from the archive using (sudo in this case is very important!):

sudo tar xzvf zdesktop_2_0_b10580_linux_i686.tgz

  • Then cd into that directory:

cd zdesktop_2_0_b10580_linux_i686/

  • And run:

sudo perl install.pl

  • Enter your password and hit return/enter. Follow the onscreen instructions, if you choose the defaults, you should have a launcher on your desktop, we need to get rid of that and the zdesktop directory in your home folder:

cd ~ sudo rm -rf zdesktop Desktop/zd.desktop

  • Then we need to create a new one using: