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I became an Ubuntu Member on 6th of december 2005.
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== Why I want to become a member ==

I'd love to publish my progress reports and ideas on planet.ubuntu.com so that I reach broad public. I really believe that my ng-l10n idea is the future for all GNU/Linux distros out there but in order to get it right I need the experience and knowledge of others.



I'm a freelance programmer living in Poland. I discovered Ubuntu when Warty was around and Linux in general a year before that. I'm mostly interested in i18n/l10n as well as improving Polish translations. I'm also interested in low-level glibc stuff like improving malloc but I've got nothing working yet.

I became an Ubuntu Member on 6th of december 2005.


See my Launchpad profile for some generic karma http://launchpad.net/people/zkrynicki Please note that my karma was reset after the great crash, so a real estimate is about +4K

Also some i18n fixes for:

  • update-manager
  • upgrade-notifier
  • gnome-system-tools
  • (and many more)

I've created the ["MOTURuby"] team and hope to contribute with others (who ironically are way more experienced with Ruby than I am) to the quality of Ruby in Ubuntu.

I've created #ubuntu-translators and coordinate face-2-face problems with developers in real time Smile :-)

I lurk on #launchpad, #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-motu and sometimes help with bugs or other minor issues.


  • Created #ubuntu-translators
  • Work with WaterSevenUb on new translators entry point

  • Work with mvo on command-not-found, basically wrote this from scratch
  • Work with pitti on .desktop+gettext Smile :-)

  • Work with carlos on gnome -> rosetta translation import (not finished yet)

  • Re-wrote from scratch the entire ubuntu.pl website, it is available at ubuntu.suxx.pl/www.ubuntu.pl, it will be used instead of the old website (with really bad html) as soon as we have the time to make the transition.
  • The UbuntuWorldPhoto project, need help on this as it came to my mind yesterday.


I've got a vision of a next generation l10n packaging system and I plan to implement it in the next six months before Dapper ships. I plan to integrate it with update-manager and somehow with apt system. I'm still polishing the rough edges in my head.

You can read more about my l10n idea here:






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