my Real name is Adil Zulfiqar .
i am 19 years old boy, using Ubuntu for the last year.
I've been a member of Ubuntu Forums since July 2010. Am a in Commerce) student. Yes Bachelors. totally a opposite way of studying. But its my passion. Wink ;)


  • "I live in Pakistan."


In Pakistan there are very less people who involves in linux. well they usually use computer for gaming , just listening the songs and Watching movies. So i try to involve them into the right way of computer. for using linux, programming etc. Some times its bothered but some times it becomes a fun for me. :P


Use-age of Linux Distro

i use ubuntu for learn programming. but in future i use it for hacking.
isn't great. (OK) Warning /!\


People of my Pakistan demand me what software or code i contribute in ubuntu.
they thin am a good programmer and linux user. But let me clear it. I can handle and use Linux safely and smoothly.But in Future i have ideas to share with ubuntu community.


Well currently i use ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynix and soon i will upgrade it to 10.10. Big Grin :)

Why using Ubuntu?

i migrate from Windows XP to Ubuntu Ubuntu for the basic and good reason of virus (X) . (i) Also some times files gone corrupt due to hard reboot. so this is safe in linux now.

Why a challenge?

Ubuntu Becomes a great challenge for me when any software not installed properly and any source code effect any other software installation. so removing or setting it becomes fun for me. Some time it really bothers.


Only Five month Experience of ubuntu 10.04. Info <!>

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My Buntu. (i) Well it just for my personal use. not for everyone.

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