About me

Hi, I'm afujihara. I live in Hyogo, JAPAN.

I'm a ubuntu lover and using jaunty on my desktop and laptops now.

My main contribution up to now was translating ubuntu documents into Japanese, reporting bugs of ubuntu development releases, and distributing Ubuntu official CDs I ordered to my neighbors.

I'm thinking I want to be a MOTU in the future.

To this end, I start triaging bugs first, while reading documents relating MOTU little by little.

Email: <afujihara AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

My recent To-Dos

1. Read documents to understand how to triage bugs.

2. Attend to hugday events to triage bugs.

3. Translation (Japanese)

I think that the translations of

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter( and

Full Circle Magazine (

are interesting tasks. But it is hard for me to do alone because it needs a vast amount of texts to translate in every week or month...

However, I recently get started the translation of UWN with the members of UWN Japanese Translators Team ( The backnumbers are listed in .

We need your help! Join the team and start translation together!


ubuntu general




Packaging Guide

Debian ポリシーマニュアル

Debian 開発者のコーナー


ubuntu news and blogs




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