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Hi! I'm Akkana Peck, freelance programmer, writer and geek. I've been using Ubuntu as my primary platform since 2005 (Hoary Hedgehog).

Contact information


Akkana Peck


akkana at shallowsky.com







  • Contributeor to Mozilla/Firefox and GIMP, as well as several smaller projects.
  • Frequent speaker at conferences and LUGs on Linux, GIMP, and programming topics.
  • Conducted a GIMP IRC class for Karmic Open Week, and have given talks on GIMP and other Linux-related topics at UbuCon Mountain View and lots of other Linux and Open Source conferences.

  • Active in Ubuntu-Women, mostly on the IRC channel (I'm also a coordinator of LinuxChix).

  • Member of California LoCo; mostly on the IRC channel and at Silicon Valley meetups.

  • Bimonthly articles on http://linuxplanet.com on Linux-related issues, often with Ubuntu-specific suggestions.

  • Frequent Linux-related tips on my blog, http://shallowsky.com/blog/

  • Filed lots of bugs with diagnostic information, sometimes with patches.
  • Author of "Beginning GIMP" (http://gimpbook.com).

Future Goals

I'd like to see a lightweight version of Ubuntu, something that runs well on low-powered machines and conserves battery power on laptops. I spend a lot of time optimizing my own Ubuntu machines toward that goal, and writing about what I've learned. I'd love to meet up with people or projects working on optimization.


(None yet, anyone feel free to jump in. Smile :-) )