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Who I am

I live in Loano, a small town in Italy. I've been a regular Kubuntu user since Gutsy. I like to contribute to Kubuntu as much as my time allows. I'm a fanatic of Lost

My Ubuntu story

Kubuntu was my first Linux distribution I've installed in my computer and I never left it. After installing it, I started to study how it worked and giving support in the italian forum, I'm still doing this but in a different way, I keep now update users about what we are doing in the Kubuntu development. I writed also some wiki page in italian wiki about how Kubuntu and KDE applications works, there was none one about KDE/Kubuntu before that. I started to partecipate with Italian Marketing Team to ship CDs to people without broadband and ship stickers made by System76. Then, I started to work in the Kubuntu development and I became Kubuntu Ninjas and Kubuntu member.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

There is no specific work for which I am proud of it. I am proud to partecipate in the development of Kubuntu. Anyway:

Areas of work

I'm involved with the maintenance of our core KDE packages, I like to work in packaging release of KDE and in its build dependends, I started with KDE 4.2.3 I work very hard also in backporting KDE release. I am active with other non-core KDE packages that are in main like Konversation, Qt libs, phonon, digikam, QtCurve, K3b, Ktorrent, etc, and all KDE build-depends. Every development cycle starts I do many merges with Debian. I like also keeping update the KDE/Qt packages in the Universe repository. I can do library transitions, upgrades, merges, and I can make package with cdbs and debhelper.

Things I could do better

I would like to do more bug triage like I did in the end of the cycle of Lucid, but spare time is not enough sometimes.

Plans for the future


I plan to keep on maintaining the core KDE packages as well as non-core KDE applications in both main and universe. I will do what I can do, like I did in the other cycles

What I like least in Ubuntu


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