About me

  • Name: Alessandro Ghersi

  • Using Linux since Kubuntu Gutsy
  • Kubuntu member since 16 June 2009
  • Kubuntu ninja since 29 May 2009



  • Packaging KDE since 4.2.3 version and backport (Ninja Packaging)

  • Updating KDE/Qt packages in Universe
  • Packaging several plasma-widget from scratch
  • KDE merges with Debian:
  • Fix bugs

also see here for related software on Launchpad:

International Teams:

also see here:

Italian wiki documentation

Loco Teams

  • Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team

    • Ubuntu CD project:
      • This project is for users who have no fast internet connection and want a Ubuntu CD. They can request it through ship-it but it takes about one month. The Ubuntu Italian CD project team will send the CDs to users in just a few days. Users send us a blank CD, we burn it and send it back with a sticker.
    • Ubuntu stickers project
      • We distribute Ubuntu stickers provided by System76 to all users who request them.



Bugs related

User support

I give support in the Italian forum, section Kubuntu


  • Who knows ?


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