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The discussion threads on the forums: The discussion thread on the forums:
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[ Discussion about bringing the Ubuntu community closer together]

This is aproject that is ment to bring closer the devlopers of Ubuntu and the community.

The discussion thread on the forums:

[ Discussion about the Ambassadors]


Post here your personal idea of how this should work. the first proposal is number one, the second is number two and so on. You may post here more than one of your ideas.


After debating over the different proposals, this where the work on the final version starts. Each draft would have a number - One for the first, two for the second and so on.

Final Versions

Whatever is decided would become the final version. The final version would be the way the Ambassadors concept is implemented and thats what would be acted opon. The final version is also subject to change and the highest version number is what we would work with.

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