I was born on October 23rd in the city of Murmansk, Russia I and my family moved to Norway when I was a little kid. I got early interested in computers; actually, everything about computers fascinated me; hardware, software, etc. My first programming language was QBasic running on my old Win3.1 machine Now I use C# C/C++ for my programming needs, I mostly focus on .NET Framework development as it interests me most of all, and I use it for work purposes. In my opinion the .NET Framework has a great future. The only major issue that it faces is the portability possibilities (I use Mono) In my spare time, I’m interested in programming of compilers, virtual machines, hardware virtualization/automation software, as well as networking server/client applications, Application Programming Interfaces, and simple programs that make user’s life easier. Most of my projects are open sourced. I believe in Open-Source but I also believe that people have to eat to live and you honestly don't need (or even want) EVERYTHING to be open-source. In my opinion interoperability may be a better solution and the key to international business!

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