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Hello Fellow Ubuntuites ,

My name is Arijit Dutta , I am a Telecom IT professional and have worked in various telecom domains like Mediation , billing , Revenue analysis and Fraud Management . I have experience in application Development,COTS Implementation ,Database and UNIX based system Administration , in a wide variety of business applications and systems. I love programming and have moderate skills on awk , perl , shell , C , Java and Databases(Oracle) .

Interests in Ubuntu

I have been an Ubuntu fan , dreamer since my college days and advocating Ubuntu and other opensource tools that we use in every walk of life .

Ubuntu Participation

I have been here on the UbuntuForums since January 2010 .I try to help out fellow ubuntu users here in forums and launchpad whenever i can with my knowledge .Really feel good to be part of such a awesome community . I have also been working on my personal bazaar branches in launchpad and other karma activities.

Contributions :

  • Ubuntu Helping users at the Ubuntu Forums

    Ubuntu Providing Assistance on IRC Chatrooms

    Ubuntu Reporting posts at the Ubuntu Forums for their better functionality

    Ubuntu Developing tools/programs/scripts for the Ubuntu Community

    Ubuntu Working onb different bazaar branches .

    Ubuntu Enlightening and guiding new users to the world of Ubuntu .

    Ubuntu Advocating for Ubuntu to be used as corporate business desktop .

    Ubuntu Associated in different karma activities in Launchpad .

Internet Relay Chat(IRC)

I can be found hanging out on several channels like #ubuntu , #ubuntuforums , #freenode as time permits .

Goals For The Future

I have been working on a development tool called "Static Analyzer" for Ubuntu that would aid careless programmers indent their code and find out unreachable code blocks as the program grows in size . Also planning in near future to bundle all programming tools together and package them into a Ubuntu based Live cd .That would be a pure programmers distro with all arms available in the arsenal .


If you want to leave a testimonial here, then it would be very welcome.


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