About me

  • My name is Arlei Silveira Silva (Nick arlei in Ubuntu community)
  • 43 years old, around 5 years with GNU/Linux. A Open Software enthusiastic.
  • Living in Canoas city, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
  • GNU/Linux User # 388644 (Linux Counter)
  • Ubuntu User # 4237 (Ubuntu Counter)

Where to find me and contact

  • e-mail: arlei [at] ubuntu [dot] blog [dot] br
  • Jabber: arlei [at] jabber [dot] org
  • Google Talk: arlei.s.silva [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Nick arlei in Freenode network, channels #ubuntu-br-doc, #ubuntu-br and #ubuntu-br-rs


  • arleisilva

Ubuntu present activity


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