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Me and (L)ubuntu

Despite having built some SCO Unix servers in my early career, I followed the CPM - DOS - Windows technology stream. In 2007 in order to breathe some life back into an ailing Windows 2000 PC I decided to dual boot Ubuntu and since then have found myself drawn more into this alternative ecosystem.

With lightweight being a priority to allow machines a shelf-life of more than three years LXDE then Lubuntu became my preferred flavour. But its not just that I'm too miserly to buy new PCs or pay for the OS, its the Free-as-in-Speach that I love the most.

Oh, and of course it satsfies my inner geek Wink ;)

How I plan to contribe

For many years I have lurked on the various fora. Either I have easily found the answer I was looking for, or been so determined that I wanted the answer now (without waiting for replies to posting a question) that I have tracked it down or squeezed it out through trial and error.

Now however I have chosen to get involved, to help make at least some improvements. My first focus will be with Hardware QA tests.


Lubuild comprises unattend-style scripts to automate the configuration of Lubuntu, post-install (although they also work on other *buntu flavours). There are also wiki pages to gather and share knowledge on troubleshooting and configuration.

Other projects


As a keen user of Randy Baumgarte's NixNote (ex-NeverNote) Evernote client, I also test and report issues with the new NixNote2 C++ Qt-based version.


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