• Find the easiest way for a user to enable multi-processor support.


  • Users do not understand that they need to install a new kernel for optimal performance.
  • Installing an SMP kernel by default or making it easier would be advantageous for Ubuntu.

Use cases

  • A user uses a new laptop with a dual-core cpu, and notices that the performance is lacking compared to other systems. The user has no knowledge that installing a new kernel will solve this problem.
  • A computer lab administrator install Edubuntu, and notice that the server runs slow compared to K12-LTSP or SUSE Linux. The lab administrator is relatively new to GNU/Linux and does not know what a kernel is.

Possible solutions?

  • Have an SMP kernel available on the installer CD, and install it by default, if required.
  • Mention SMP support requirements in release notes and documentation.

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