Ubuntu should install and configure connected printers automatically.


If you connect a printer to a machine, you're almost certainly going to want to use it, no? In feisty and edgy, when you run the add printer wizard, it detects the printer automatically anyway, you just have to click next next next..... how very windows like!

Why not save the user a job and just configure the printer automatically?

Use Cases

  • Amy is new to Ubuntu. She has just installed it for the first time and is used to windows. She wants to print something, but has no idea how to make her printer work. The driver disc that came with her printer appears to be useless and there is no control panel. She tries to just click file/print in open office, but no printers are listed. Had her printer been set-up automatically for her this wouldn't be an issue.
  • Fu-Howe is an experienced Ubuntu user, however he finds it very annoying that he has to setup his printer everytime he reinstalls ubuntu. He knows how to run the add printer wizard, but finds it frustrating that he has to do this everytime despite all the default options being correct anyway. The wizard detects his printer, selects the driver, selects all the default paper settings correctly and yet he has to click next next next.... it reminds him very much of his windows days.


Upon installation of ubuntu a balloon should appear telling you that a printer has been detected. Clicking the balloon will set the printer up for you automatically. This will allow users who know that cups causes problems with their system without being modified to avoid automatic setup.

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