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Anthony Veilleux

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aveilleux on irc.freenode.net

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As I am physically male, my gender/sex is quite often confusing to people who do not know me. I am http://en.wikipedia.org/favicon.ico bigender, meaning I unconsciously switch my gender role from masculine to feminine and vice-versa, depending on the context. Whatever gender pronoun you prefer for me is fine. Some people know me as a female, some know me as a male. I don't care if you call me "sir" while I'm en femme or "ma'am" while I'm en homme, but don't make a big deal about it, mmkay? Wink ;-)


Polymorphic Data Structures in C

http://en.wikibooks.org/favicon.icoPolymorphic Data Structures in C is the name of a textbook I am writing to replace the current standard text for Computing II at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (91.102). It is based on Esakov and Weiss' Data Structures: an Advanced Approach using C. I aim to finish at least one chapter a week, hoping to finish the entire book by the end of the semester. I may have to place my other projects on hold while I work on this.

Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu

I founded and managed the https://launchpad.net/favicon.icoMinimal Desktop For Ubuntu project, which is designed to provide a stripped-down GNOME-based graphical environment. It uses a shell script to build from a command-line install, meaning many components included in the default Ubuntu install are removed. A step-by-step guide can be found on the devlopment blog.

As of version 10.10, Fluxbox and KDE are also supported. A planned update to 10.10 will add Openbox support, as well as a few other changes.

As of 2011-06-11, I have abandoned the project. A few forks have been proposed, but none have been finalized.

Ubuntu Forums Work

I lurk about the Ubuntu forums as much as I can. I usually post in the following boards:

I generally try to post in empty threads, or provide some extra insight and alternative solutions if I can.

SubLevel 21

SubLevel 21 is my self-hosted website. I mostly use it for file storage, but also run a Team Fortress 2 server using that domain.

I used to use the servers to run a SHOUTcast Internet radio service, but as of 2010-02-01 it has been decommissioned.


I was a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team, formerly mentored under starcraft.man. I usually idle in #ubuntu-beginners and help as much as I can. I was a member of the Support focus group. I withdrew from the group (I don't have the date record).

Programming/Scripting Experience





Mono (VB)

Mono (C#)




* Languages of choice.
** In addition to HTML and CSS, of course.


I was formerly known as "Chesamo" on the wiki and IRC.

Chesamo does a great job providing support to users in #ubuntu-beginners. Patient and knowledgeable Chesamo has spent many many hours helping others. We can not have too many people like this and are lucky to have Chesamo in the community. -- duanedesign 2010-06-08 14:09:05

I am always impressed when I watch Aveilleux work in #ubuntu-beginners. Her knowledge and tact are admirable. -- seidos

Aveilleux is doing good with Beginners Team and whenever one texts for help, Aveilleux's eyes will be watching it like an Eagle and will make the person leave with His/Her query solved. I am happy to have Him in Ubuntu Beginners. Mohan_chml October 1 07:13:39 UTC 2010

I've watched Aveilleux's work at #ubuntu-beginners and I'm really impressed for his patience and knowledge. As I am lacking with experience on ndiswrapper problems, Aveilleux has helped me few times with it even by joining another channel. He has all what it takes to be a UBT member and I'm really supporting his membership for the Ubuntu Beginners Team. bioterror ::November 29 2010 10:10 GMT+2

Hola, starcraft.man here. I'm Aveilleux's mentor and I'm quite happy with Aveilleux's progress. Having a good attitude, a wealth of knowledge(look at all em languages!!!) and the patience to sit around as my mentee while I'm not always the most active means Chesamo's a keeper. I mean writing book, programming, running minimal project it's all great. Quick, somebody put the member sticker on Aveilleux before gets away! I R starcraft.man December 27, 2010


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