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 {*} Community Engagement VIA meetups, presentations, podcasts, LFNW, community support  {*} Community Engagement VIA meetups, presentations, blogging, podcasts, fests (LFNW)

{*} Community Support via Ubuntu Budgie IRC / Gitter

Dustin Krysak (bashfulrobot)


Vancouver, Canada

Time Zone

Pacific Standard Time (UTC-0800)

Launchpad Page


Email Address

dustin at

Ubuntu Budgie Email Address

dustin at

IRC Nick

bashfulrobot on freenode









About me

Historically an open source consumer (Enterprise operations), now also an open source contributor. An active Ubuntu Budgie team member since December of 2016 assisting with infrastructure, community, packaging, etc. Also a co-host of the Vancouver Linux Desktop User Group.

Positions in the Ubuntu Community:

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Team Member

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Release Manager (just starting)


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Infrastructure

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Budgie Packaging

    Ubuntu Community Engagement VIA meetups, presentations, blogging, podcasts, fests (LFNW)

    Ubuntu Community Support via Ubuntu Budgie IRC / Gitter

    Ubuntu Sponsorship Management

    Ubuntu Cross Project Engagement

    Ubuntu Code (just starting)

    Ubuntu Release Management (New - Just joined)

Work in Progress. Actively building.

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