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About Me

I am Ubuntu user since 2008 year. At the beginning it was hard to switch, but over time (and getting more experience), I noticed that linux is much more convenient operating system.

Later I became interested in why such a good system is available for free. I Met open-source movement

March 22, 2011, I started to contribute to Ubuntu


Laugauge skills

I program since 2001. Until now, I have little knowledge about the

C++ (my main language), QT, Irrlicht, C# ,DirectX / OpenGL ,Sockets ,Python ,GTK ,Java ,Pascal ,PHP / HTML ,and a few other


I'm the editor of the wikipedia:

I know the algorithms used in programming. I am a member of:



I also train taekwondo and lead a scouts team.


I am working with Duanedesign and Simar on CLI Companion

My project - Algorihmic School


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