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About Me

That's so trying to help where it is possible. Using Ubuntu for more than 3 years now I developed the opinion that every bug that I encounter in daily use should at least available in launchpad and if possible I'll try to keep the discussion ongoing, e.g. triaging bugs to bugzilla and talking to Devs on IRC.

Of course I try to spread the message and use of Ubuntu at our school (Debian Lenny LTSP) and region. I already confinced some people to buy a Dell + Ubuntu instead of Windows. But sometimes only talking about free software is enough to make them ask for a testing DVD

Geography / Languages

I'm from which is near the German border to Belgium and the Netherlands. As we live near the border I'd like to speak German and French last one isn't so easy for me but I keep going on to improve it. English was my first foreign language at school. ==Testing== Usually I intend to install new Ubuntu releases at least in Virtualbox from the beginning on. This isn't only for publishing latest improvements, but also to find regression bugs. Atm. I've joined the X-Org testing team whichs goal is to improve the stability of the proprietary drivers, based on weekly generated test results


Some years earlier I've started a Blog just for testing how Blogspot works, but in the meantime I really use it to share my latest problems including the solution, that's the reason why I subscribed myself to ubuntuwebblogs I've you've got a suggestion what I should write about feel free to contact me - every average software is welcome.


I've taken a look into the procedures of the Motu team for a while (ubuntu-developer-week), this includes packaging and all this stuff, but it's not as easy as you may think to remember all these complicated procedures. As I didn't practice it yet very well yet, I'm sure that I could improve my knowledge.

Future Goals

Contribute to Ubuntu where I can can, possibly applying for Ubuntu Membership, involving in Loco, and helping people to use Ubuntu as their preferred OS

Having Questions?

Just ask me either on freenode (user:benste) or via the hidden E-Mail Adress in LP