Project Overview:

Inspired by: Idea #1

This seemed like a simple enough project to take on. At present have a project template and some pseudo-code. Going to start with a shell script / cli that takes the input of two screen resolutions and two images. the script will then resize the images appropriately and then use nitrogen to set the wallpaper. Of course there will be some necessary details in-between, but that is the general idea. Once that is in place, add an 'autodetect' option such that the user does not need to specify screen resolution. It seems easiest to get this info from /etc/X11/xorg.conf and have the script expect a number of images equal to the number of monitors. Next, begin on a gui.

Comments / Suggestions

For now this is a place holder, but feel free to comment below.

  • Use xrandr to detect the screen resolutions instead of having inputs.
    • No reading xorg.conf which is deprecated.
  • Moving the functionality upstream to gnome control centre.
  • Specification to decide how the configuration would appear.
    • Same wallpaper, multiple desktops.
    • Different wallpaper for each desktop.
    • Setting each screen individually.
  • Joining together two large images should decide on image format (png)

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