About Me

Emad Elsaid, a Software Engineer who loves dynamically typed languages, gave many sessions for my colleagues and faculty students as a knowledge share hobby, develop applications using many programming languages you can find a list on my linkedin profile, i like to make my applications as opensource free software all the time and oyu can download them all or fork one of them on my github profile, i usually tweet my thoughts and ideas most of them are crazy i know, i developed some software who got some media attention like tahadth, Airpad and also developed Bounce which got the second gaming prize while he egyptian FCIs meetup in 2008

My Contact Info


  • Ubuntu translating some applications into Arabic : rabbitvcs, Kazam Screencaster, Codeigniter, Ionauth library

    Ubuntu founder of a chatting network

    Ubuntu Airpad mouse alternative program with webcam.

    Ubuntu team leader for graduation project at college, the project was about 3d representation over the internet

    Ubuntu part of Egypt LOCO team

Life Goal

  • Ubuntu promote to Development manager

    Ubuntu create and help developing Arabic technologies

    Ubuntu found the largest software house in Egypt

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