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On this page you can find some information about my personal life and about my involvement in FOSS.


Hey there! I am Gerhard Burger, 23 years old, married to Willemijn van den Toren and living in Rotterdam. Willemijn and I were engaged on 07-08-'09, married on 08-09-'10 and are currently enjoying our happily ever after. (And in case you wondered, yes, I am a mathematician.)

I did my Bachelor's in Liberal Arts & Sciences at Roosevelt Academy in Middelburg. My major was science so I took courses in mathematics, physics and computing sciences, but I also took some courses in French and religion. Currently I am in my second year of the research master Scientific Computing at Utrecht University, where I will hopefully be accepted for a PhD position.

Apart from the obvious computer related hobbies/interests I also play Ultimate (Frisbee) with Ultimate Rotterdam, which I happen to like very much and recommended you to try it out at some point.

Involvement in FOSS

Computers have always been of interest to me, and I was always called for when family or friends encountered problems. Despite my interest in computers I only discovered Ubuntu during my bachelor, because I had to do a programming assignment in OpenGL. As it turned out, getting OpenGL to work on Windows with Eclipse is very frustrating. I then made a dual-boot install with Ubuntu and Windows (at the time I was a fanatic gamer Smile :) ), and getting OpenGL to work on Ubuntu turned out to be much easier. Not long thereafter I decided to get rid of Windows and started attempts to convert my friends and family to my newfound Ubuntuism, and am still trying to do so (both the getting rid of and the converting Wink ;) ) today.

In order to give something back to the community I used to be part of the Ubuntu Dutch Translators. Currently I am busy with my study, but I do the occasional bug reporting/triaging.

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