In order for Edubuntu to thrive, this system must be placed in Classroom environments. This is an entirely different proposition than Ubuntu, which is loaded for the pleasure of an individual or small group. Edubuntu needs to cater to an educational institution's needs, and therefore must be crafted in all ways to appeal to the gateway individual in this area, the Educational Institutional Technologist (EIT).


The EIT is the bad news. This person (or persons) has little interest or inclination to upset the existing system and architecture he or she is maintaining and which they believe is thriving, and that anything else is a threat.

The good news is that these EITs and the institutions they represent have Resources (e.g. coin of the realm, often from taxpayers, always from parents) and are willing to devote these resources to the Operations and Maintenance of a product that helps the Learning and Teaching process particularly one that is demonstrably less work for them.

The fact that experience has demonstrated that this system has institutional lifecycle resource considerations and, most particularly an Operations and Maintenance Tail (O&M Tail). This is an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Use cases

  • Arlington Virginia Public School System
  • Arlington Housing Authority
  • Arlandria Tenants Workers Support Comittee
  • Mount Ranier Public Library
  • Thomas Jefferson Science School Fairfax Virginia


This is currently limited Edubuntu, however it is expected that this would be the model for Ubuntu applications used for government, institutional and commercial use, for these we coin the term Combuntu (Institubuntu, Gobuntu ??). This may be revised and expanded


The illustration below details this design (insert illustration here)



Several areas of Code are effected


Code effect TBA

Trouble Ticketing

Code effect to factor to service centers


Synegersism between troubles and bugs

Billing Code

Obtains funds from institutional clients


arranges for reward for labor allocates resources for labor

Proposal Machine

Presents Comfortable Terms of reference to the potential client

Data preservation and migration

This system should be built within a python / zope / plone context.


  • Life Cycle Support

Before Cellophane

  • Relationship Management
  • Pre installation (Sales)
  • Installation

After Cellophane

  • Operations (Administration, backup, etc)
  • Maintenance & Upgrade

  • Trouble Ticket


  • Repository for consulting funds
  • Disbursement for funds


  • Certification Recognition
  • Research
  • Development
  • Code Repository

Edubuntu Economic Machine

I believe that in order to get Edubuntu into educational institutions we will need to cater to the EIT throughout the Edubuntu System Lifecycle. I further feel that these systems shall need a specific type of support that for lack of a better term I call the Contracting and Consulting Services. In my experience, Consulting economic engines are comprised of three distinct components

Flint's Consulting Business Model

The business of consulting and contracting revolves around a simple structure; human sweat is the input and money is the output. Within this structure, and in order of importance are the following sub processes, completely contained within the existing process.


Most important and cyclic


Gets names and addresses to bill against


Keeps the police from arresting you for fraud

Outstanding issues

Specific outstanding issues include the five W's


A personnel structure will be required. These folks will need some form or training and/or certification. My belief that to be a senior member of this club, you need to contribute to the code base that is Ubuntu.


This is basically a business plan. Somehow it needs to look and act more like a business plan.


This plan will require several components;

  • Server Space
  • Financial Components
  • World wide office facilities for service


This needs to start simultaneously with the popularity of Edubuntu.

BoF agenda and discussion

Our job in this BOF is to explore these areas outlined above.


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