Who Am I?

I'm a Brazilian guy born in Belém, state of Pará, who lives between the state of Espírito Santo (where my family lives) and Rio Grande do Sul (where I live).

I speak a little English and Esperanto, and a little of Libras (Brazilian Sign Language), learned by self-teaching.

My History With Linux

I use GNU / Linux regularly since 1999, starting my use of systems "unix type" with the use of FreeBSD in 1998 and followed by most versions of Debian until 5 past the Red Hat distros, Fedora.

Ubuntu, I met through a friend and partner, who instead of using Debian, Ubuntu chose to use on your netbook. And I have used for testing since then.

Where To Find Me

Community Involvement

Launchpad Teams

  • Launchpad Brazilian Translators Joined on 2010-04-30
  • Launchpad Translators Joined on 2010-04-20

Ubuntu Approach

  • Dissemination of free software at the University.
  • Translations software.


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