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    Jeremy Scott aka cashmoney


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    IRC: #ubuntu-amarillo

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About Me

My name is Jeremy Scott and I've been an avid computer user since my first Apple II before moving to the Commodore64. After spending years with DOS/Windows, I started looking at alternate operating systems in 2000. Starting with Slackware then on to Redhat. Quickly turning to openSuSE after the commercialization of Redhat. Late in 2005, I discovered Ubuntu 5.04 Breezy Badger only to upgrade to Hoary Hedgehog shortly after release. I was so impressed with the distro that I quickly registered with Launchpad to show my support. After trying several different flavors of Linux, and having little success with any of them, I turned back to Ubuntu with 8.04 Hardy Heron. Not to mention that I now tend to install Ubuntu on anything that will boot.

Ubuntu-Amarillo Loco Team

I am the current Team Leader, along with some valued support, of the Ubuntu-Amarillo, TX Loco Team.

Personal Ubuntu Bio

  • Member of the TestingTeam

  • Member of the BugSquad

  • My short term goals
    • Continue to contribute whenever and where ever I can
    • Develop the structure and goals of the Amarillo Team
    • Help the Amarillo Team to gain Approved Team Status (or use the Amarillo Team to support TexasTeam approval)

  • My long term goals
    • Become an Ubuntu Member
    • Continue to advocate for Ubuntu and Open Source
    • Develop Ubuntu-Amarillo into a valued member of the Ubuntu Community



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