About Me

Hi! My name is Alex. I am a curious french canadian from Montreal, Quebec, and a graduate student in humanities. My main interest is social justice. When I was a kid, I build websites with GeoCities or brute HTML coding, also made maps for LucasArts Outlaws game, and I was producing music with Propellerheads ReBirth. A few years later, I had been making Ultima Online shards with some friends, even though none of us knew C languages. Today, I enjoy music, food - vegetarian, - sports... And I still have a little time for video games of course! But University is quite time consuming.

Contact Information


no IRC


not using it


chaale.univ A gmail . com


no website


I have made a few contributions with Kate's french translation in 2011. At this time, I was using Kate to instead of NotePad++ to do Computer Text Analysis. There are still some traces of this work on my Launchpad profile, but I do not know yet how to link it here.

Future Goals

Here, my goals would be to do my bit of work to help the Community, as I really believe in a share economy.


I am using Ubuntu since 2009. For now, the main purpose has been for Media (movie and music), but also as an Audio Workstation (even though I could not get JACK to work properly). Since 2013, I use it for gaming also. I discovered Globulous, 0 A.D. and a MasterMind twin (very fun!). When my graduate studies will be done, I would like to expand my knowledge to contribute more.


I believe in a world where almost everything is free to use and where cooperative as well as collective work is the main way to produce goods. Linux (Ubuntu) is one step forward (even though it recently allowed some place to proprietary licensed software that are marketable).

If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

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