I am chu on IRC. I frequent the channels: #emacs, #lisp, #stumpwm and #ubuntu-offtopic on

About Me

Hello, my name is Matthew Ball. I am from Australia, and am currently an undergraduate student at The Australian National University, Canberra. I am studying a joint Bachelor of Arts/Science with a double-major in Philosophy and Computer Science.

I have been a GNU/Linux user since second half of 2003, and solely using GNU/Linux since 2004 - initially with a Slackware installation, before moving to Ubuntu - I first came across Ubuntu in 2007 when I did a small course on web development, in which we were using Ubuntu 6.06 as the development platform.

My main interests, and studies, are in formal logic, analytic philosophy and computer science. In the philosophical direction, I am interested in the study of language and logic. In the computer science direction, I am interested in the design and implementation of programming languages and operating systems.

I spend the majority of my time reading books, writing papers, and sometimes, writing code. I am fairly comfortable writing Lisp (in particular, Emacs Lisp, though I have also used Common Lisp) and have a little experience with both C, and Haskell. I enjoy hacking my own (often trivial) extensions to GNU Emacs, and have truly created the "Emacs as an Operating System" experience.

For the last few years I have been actively involved in the #ubuntu-offtopic IRC channel on I am a regular participant in conversations in #ubuntu-offtopic and have always been strict with the channel guidelines and Ubuntu code of conduct. I enjoy #ubuntu-offtopic as a channel for general chit chat, often unexpected advice/support, and the random musings from the community. There's a comfortable community of regular contributors, and each person has many different stories and lives to pull experience and stories from. It is this general community of happy users which constantly brings me back to #ubuntu-offtopic, and I believe will continue to do so for as long as it exists.


Unfortunately, I have not really contributed much directly to Ubuntu.

I have a github account, located here: which mainly houses my configuration set up. Though there are a few other projects there.

I have a launchpad account, located here:

Future Goals

Ultimately, I want to continue university, attend graduate school and contribute back.

In combination with this, I would like to get more involved with GNU/Linux development.


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