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|| '''Email''': || Check launchpad for contact || || '''Email''': || [[|Launchpad contact form]]||

Launchpad ID:



Hasn't generated one yet, working on it.

Ubuntu Forums:



Launchpad contact form

About Me

I started to use Ubuntu in a more regular way at work when i installed it on my work computer in the middle of 2010, i'm interested in open source projects and i wish to be an active contributor in open source projects, besides Ubuntu I'm interested in Firefox development too, but i find that the knowledge I have isn't enough for me to contribute yet, so I'm planning to join the Ubuntu beginner team and from there i believe i will be able to get more knowledge and be able to learn new things that will enable me to contribute online.

Currently i work as a PHP developer and I'm studying python to be able to use it in understanding and maybe contribute in some Ubuntu packages that are written using python.

Programming languages

  • PHP/MySql
    • Currently my main programming language since i work as a PHP/MySql developer in a website development company.
  • Java
    • Used to use it when i was in college and i also used it in my graduation project, but since i started giving more attention in web development i started to use it less often, and if i ever decide that i need to use it, it will take me a little to refresh my memory.
  • Web Design ( XHTML , CSS , JavaScript )

    • Started to use them more often as soon as i started giving web development more attention, about a year before i learned PHP, Currently I'm interested in most modern web technologies, like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Pyton
    • Currently learning this language and i find it so exciting, I've finished reading perdo3005's tutorial Intro To Python and i plan to start finding other more advanced ones to read in the near future.

Team Memberships

So far I haven't joined any team yet, but I'm looking through the requirements of joining the Ubuntu beginner team and as soon as i achieve that i will apply to join it Smile :)

Future Plans & Projects

  • Of course my main objective here is to be able to fix minor Ubuntu bugs and in the future i would like to start participating in developing some packages.
  • Currently I'm studying python in my spare time and soon after I plan to try Google's app engine using python and think of ways of how i could use the benefits i could get from using it.


  • So far nothing more than just few feedbacks on some bugs on launchpad, if that counts.


  • So far this section is empty, but i hope it get's filled in the future lol.

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