Also known as markthecarp

I began my journey with Redhat 6.0 at an installfest hosted by PLUG (Piedmont Linux Users Group). Dependency hell sent me to Debian around 2000. I was initially interested in GNU/Linux because I wanted to run my own webserver.

I am a carpenter by trade and many years of experience. I like making things, little things or big things; it doesn't matter.

More recently I have volunteered to be the team leader for Ubuntu NC LoCo. Yes, a carpenter trying to herd cats! In the construction industry cats get kicked to the curb. That is the curb and gutter contractor that pours concrete with 0 slump. If you do not know about concrete slump you do not know construction.

Personal Goals:

  • Be a better leader.
  • Get a job (posted 11-8-09)
  • Package BitchX


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